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Montreal, Canada

Frank G

MSc. in Electronics & Communications Engineering, University of Waterloo, Canada
Online Analog Electronics Tutor
When it comes to hiring an online analog electronics tutor, every student wants to work with someone who takes his/her needs into consideration and someone who is able to work at his/her learning pace. I became a tutor because I know how to administer online classes at a pace and manner that students can understand, to help them get the most out of my sessions. I have been doing this since 2010 and my lessons, both live and recorded have helped hundreds if not thousands of students grasp even the most intricate concepts of analog electronics. But analog electronics is not the only area I am well versed in; I also have competence in programming and have delivered countless homework orders on Java, Python, Ruby, C#, and Pascal. I have also offered online tutoring on the same. So if you would like professional online tutoring either in analog electronics or in programming, feel free to reach out to me.

Analog circuits Homework Teacher
Analog circuits are one of the intricate topics in analog electronics that I can assist you with. They are electronic devices with analog signals. These are the electronic devices that have analog signals. Analog circuits transmit signals in a format similar to digital signals. If you do not possess extensive knowledge of the analog circuit homework allotted to you, do not waste any time. Hire me as your homework teacher immediately. I pride myself on producing first-class solutions that can only warrant decent grades. I am available whenever needed to equip you with flawless write-ups within your stringent deadline.
Adept in Signal processing systems
Do not be overwhelmed by your signal processing systems project. Entrust me with the responsibility of curating your homework according to your requirements. A signal processing system takes in a signal as input and processes it to produce an output. If you are not well-versed in the concepts of a signal processing system, you will surely fail to submit exceptional solutions. I am your best chance of submitting your homework on time and scoring a top grade without breaking a sweat. I am not new to this. Several students like you have sought my help with their complicated signal processing systems projects and attained success. Do not lag. Contact me now and let us discuss the details of your homework.
Analog linear time-invariant systems homework Wizard
Analog linear time-invariant systems is one of the most complicated topics that students studying analog electronics are bound to struggle with. If you find yourself sailing in this boat, do not panic because I have got your back. I have widely researched and worked on projects on this topic. I know that linear systems generated output for a combination of linear inputs. Time-invariant systems on the other hand produce outputs that do not depend on the inputs provided. Analog linear time-invariant is extensively used in image processing applications. I do not take homework that I am not sure I can deliver. So trust me when I say that you can count on me expertly solve any question related to this topic. Also, I specialize in handling homework with short deadlines. I would put in extra hours just to make sure that your paper is ready on time.
Skillful in Frequency Response
Your demanding frequency response homework should not be the reason you fail to score a straight A in your final grade. I have a thorough understanding of a frequency response analysis of a circuit or system. I can help you plot the gain of frequency response. This is usually done by plotting the size of the output signal to its input signal against the frequency scale where the operations of the circuit or system happen. One of the homework I have handled in this area was on a frequency response of a circuit that is frequency-dependent. To display, the frequency response, I had to sketch a graph of magnitude against frequency. If you also need support with any project on this subject, the best decision you can ever make is to hire me.
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