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Calculating array sum parity using ARM assembly homework help

The homework deals with implementing a program to calculate the sum of an array and finding the parity of the result. The program uses a separate function to calculate parity. The sum is calculated using a loop and indexed addressing. The parity function uses a xor operation of all bits in the input number to calculate the total parity. Check out the solution below to have an idea of the quality of work provided by our ARM assembly homework helpers.

Using Loops and Indexed Addresses to Calculate  Array Sum parity 

Calculating array sum parity using ARM assembly assignment help

Solution .data @ Array of digits for the number: 98912 digits: .word 9,8,9,1,2 result: .asciz "Sum with parity of 9,8,9,1,2 = %d\n" .text .global main main: PUSH {R4-R6, LR} @ save registers and LR on the stack @ calculating array sum MOV R0, #0 @ initialize sum to zero LDR R1, =digits @ point to start of the array MOV R2, #0 @ start array index in zero loop1: LDR R3, [R1, R2, LSL #2] @ load element from array ADD R0, R0, R3 @ add element to the total sum ADD R2, R2, #1 @ increment index CMP R2, #5 @ see if all digits have been added BLT loop1 @ repeat until all digits have been added @ calculate parity MOV R4, R0 @ save sum in R4 BL parity @ calculate sum parity @ add parity to sum LSL R4, R4, #1 @ shift left to add a parity bit ORR R4, R4, R0 @ add parity bit at the lowest position @ print result LDR R0, =result @ put string to print in R0 MOV R1, R4 @ put result in R1 BL printf @ print result on the screen MOV R0, R4 @ we leave the result of sum+parity in R0 POP {R4-R6, LR} @ restore registers and LR from the stack MOV PC, LR @ return to caller @ Subroutine to calculate the parity of a number given in R0, @ returns parity in R0 parity: PUSH {LR} @ save return address MOV R1, #0 @ initialize parity to zero loop2: ANDS R2, R0, #1 @ test lowest bit EOR R1, R1, R2 @ update parity using the bit LSR R0, R0, #1 @ shift right to test next bit CMP R0, #0 @ see if the number to tests is zero BNE loop2 @ if not zero, keep calculating parity MOV R0, R1 @ return the calculated parity POP {LR} @ restore return address MOV PC, LR @ return to caller