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Using Loops and Indexed Addresses to Calculate  Array Sum parity 

Calculating array sum parity using ARM assembly assignment help

Solution .data @ Array of digits for the number: 98912 digits: .word 9,8,9,1,2 result: .asciz "Sum with parity of 9,8,9,1,2 = %d\n" .text .global main main: PUSH {R4-R6, LR} @ save registers and LR on the stack @ calculating array sum MOV R0, #0 @ initialize sum to zero LDR R1, =digits @ point to start of the array MOV R2, #0 @ start array index in zero loop1: LDR R3, [R1, R2, LSL #2] @ load element from array ADD R0, R0, R3 @ add element to the total sum ADD R2, R2, #1 @ increment index CMP R2, #5 @ see if all digits have been added BLT loop1 @ repeat until all digits have been added @ calculate parity MOV R4, R0 @ save sum in R4 BL parity @ calculate sum parity @ add parity to sum LSL R4, R4, #1 @ shift left to add a parity bit ORR R4, R4, R0 @ add parity bit at the lowest position @ print result LDR R0, =result @ put string to print in R0 MOV R1, R4 @ put result in R1 BL printf @ print result on the screen MOV R0, R4 @ we leave the result of sum+parity in R0 POP {R4-R6, LR} @ restore registers and LR from the stack MOV PC, LR @ return to caller @ Subroutine to calculate the parity of a number given in R0, @ returns parity in R0 parity: PUSH {LR} @ save return address MOV R1, #0 @ initialize parity to zero loop2: ANDS R2, R0, #1 @ test lowest bit EOR R1, R1, R2 @ update parity using the bit LSR R0, R0, #1 @ shift right to test next bit CMP R0, #0 @ see if the number to tests is zero BNE loop2 @ if not zero, keep calculating parity MOV R0, R1 @ return the calculated parity POP {LR} @ restore return address MOV PC, LR @ return to caller