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Artificial intelligence homework helper

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Vincent S 

PhD. in Programming, University of Texas, USA
Expert artificial intelligence homework help provider
I am a highly competent programmer, with years of experience in artificial intelligence. I have worked both in the corporate and academic writing world, and right now I work with ProgrammingHomeworkHelp.com, offering assistance to students who need a helping hand completing their artificial intelligence papers. Some of the topics with which I have provided professional help with artificial intelligence include underactuated robotics, natural language, machine learning, machine vision, knowledge-based applications systems, advanced symbolic programming, and computational models of discourse, to name a few. I put into consideration all the requirements and suggestions given to me by my clients to make sure I am delivering the best and most valuable academic solution possible. If you are looking for artificial intelligence homework solutions that will boost your performance and put you at the top of your class, get in touch with me immediately.

Skilled Computer Vision Project Helper

Is your computer vision project giving you sleepless nights? Are you looking for a skilled computer vision project helper? You are at the right place. I am a sort after tutor in computer vision working with students helping them get better grades. I know how demanding projects are, and I will walk the journey with you. I cover all topics in computer vision, including but not limited to machine vision, digital image processing, computer and robot vision, and artificial neural networks for speech and Visio. Being active in the industry, I am knowledgeable about all the current trends in computer vision, such as face super-resolution, Fourier methods for 3D surface modeling and analysis, and many more. By hiring me to work on your computer vision task, you will enjoy timely, high-quality, and affordable solutions. Note that my services are available globally, and therefore, your geographical location should not stop you from accessing my services. Submit your task here and relax as I work on it to ensure that you get a top grade.

Experienced Deep Learning Instructor

Is anything deterring you from completing your deep learning homework? Worry no more because I am here to give you a helping hand. I am an experienced deep learning instructor working with students to ensure better grades in their homework. I have personalized my service to each student, and that is my mist of the students I have helped either come back or recommend me to their friends. Whichever topic is giving you a hard time in deep learning, whether convolutional networks, deep brief networks, long short term memory, deep reinforcement learning, AutoEncorders, or any other, I am here to help you. All the solutions you will get from me will be simplified and easy to understand. Note that should you need any revision in a task I have completed, I will not charge you for that. Hire me today and enjoy an unmatched experienced.

The best Computer Architecture Lecturer

If you are looking for the best computer architecture lecturer, you are at the right place. With me, you will find computer architecture as a simple topic. I am here to ensure that you get good grades without spending sleepless nights over the same. I am to see each student getting the quality of help they deserve without spending too much on it. This is why even though I am one of the most sorts after experts, I try to maintain the pricing of my services as low as possible. I cover all topics in computer architecture such as hardware language, computer arithmetic, digital logic design, designing a processor, storage and I/O, and many more. I am always available, and therefore, you can reach out to me at any time. Therefore, instead of struggling with your computer architecture homework, reach out to me for quality solutions.

Professional Internet of Things (IoT) Homework Solver

Are you wondering where you can get a professional Internet of Things (IoT) homework solver to complete your homework? I am a skilled solver helping students with all homework related to the Internet of Things. Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of students, most of whom have returned with more tasks. I do all homework from scratch, and therefore, by using my services, you will never have plagiarism issues. Should you have doubts about the quality of work I provide, I am ready to share samples so that you can see what to expect from me. I know how strict institutions are with deadlines, and therefore, I submit all homework before the deadline. Please hire me for both your undergraduate and post-graduate homework and enjoy top grades at a pocket-friendly price.
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Mathematical Operations in Python

print("***** QUESTION 1 *****\n"); def factorial(n): """ Recursively calculat the factorial of n """ # Base case if n == 1: return 1 return n*factorial(n-1) def calnWk(n, k): return n**k def calnPk(n ,k): return factorial(n)/factorial(n-k) def calnCk(n, k): return calnPk(n, k)/factorial(k) print("\n***** QUESTION 2 *****\n"); # Use built-in functions to get the coefficient from sympy import * x, y = symbols('x y') exp = (2*x**2-4*y**3)**30 coeff_real = exp.expand().coeff(x**20).coeff(y**60) print("The coefficient calculated using built-in function for x^20*y^60 is " + str(coeff_real)) print("\n***** QUESTION 3 *****\n"); # Now get the coefficient using the functions from Part 1 # The coefficient of x^90 *y^10 can be calculated as a combination, selecting the element 90 from the 100 available elements # Coefficients of x and y: (ax^c + by^d)^n a = 2 b = -4 c = 2 d = 3 n = 30 # k = 20 # coeff_calc = calnCk(n,k)*a**(n-k) *b**k print("The coefficient calculated using the functions from Part 1 for for x^20*y^60 is: " + str(coeff_calc)) """ print("\n***** QUESTION 4 *****\n"); # Create a random 3x3 matrix import numpy as np A = np.random.uniform(low = 0, high = 1, size=(3,3)) # matrix of random integers from 1 to 10 b = np.matrix([[1],[0],[0]]) # Check if Ax = b has a solution print("Matrix A is:\n" + str(A)) print("\nVector b is:\n" + str(b)) x = np.linalg.solve(A,b) print("\nThe solution x for Ax = b is:\n" + str(x))

Text parsing in Python

Number of users = 500 Number of users with email id ending with .jp = 26 Number of users with email id ending with .uk = 20 Number of users with email id ending with .de = 8 Surnames that have duplicattes are ['Culbard', 'De', 'Schiell', 'Wisbey'] import csv users=0 first=True jp=0 uk=0 de=0 last_names=[] duplicates=[] print("Hello user.Welcome.") print("Analyzing mydata.csv file") with open('mydata.csv','r') as dataFile: reader=csv.reader(dataFile) for row in reader: if not first: users+=1 if row[1]: if row[1] in last_names: if row[1] not in duplicates: duplicates.append(row[1]) else: last_names.append(row[1]) if row[2]: if row[2][-3:]=='.jp': jp+=1 elifrow[2][-3:]=='.uk': uk+=1 elifrow[2][-3:]=='.de': de+=1 first=False dataFile.close() print("Completed analyzing") print("\nNumber of users = "+str(users)) print("Number of users with email id ending with .jp = "+str(jp)) print("Number of users with email id ending with .uk = "+str(uk)) print("Number of users with email id ending with .de = "+str(de)) print("Surnames that have duplicattes are "+str(duplicates)) f=open("Janet_results.txt","w") f.write("Number of users = "+str(users)) f.write("\nNumber of users with email id ending with .jp = "+str(jp)) f.write("\nNumber of users with email id ending with .uk = "+str(uk)) f.write("\nNumber of users with email id ending with .de = "+str(de)) f.write("\nSurnames that have duplicattes are "+str(duplicates)) f.close() print("\nThe results are saved in Janet_results.txt file.") print("Thank you for using the program.Good Bye.")