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Florida, USA

Kefa J

Ph.D. in Programming, Princeton University, USA
Professional Big Data Homework Helper
I have years of experience in big data from working as a statistician and big data homework helper. I joined the academic writing industry in 2007 after working in a local research firm for many years. The expertise I gained here from working with various data analytics tools like R, Tableau, Hadoop, Xplenty, Cassandra, MongoDB, RapidMiner, Datawrapper, and others gave me a solid foundation that has made it possible for me to provide quality help with big data homework over the years. During the period that I have been working as an academic writer, I have helped students with tasks revolving around analyzing crimes in cities, credit scoring, quantum measurements, fraud detection, health status prediction, malicious user detection, and more. I always enjoy working and interacting with students from all over the world and tackling challenging tasks, which has helped me enhance my homework writing skills. I believe I got what it takes to take up even the most complex of big data homework. Just let me know what you require.

MongoDB Homework Professional
MongoDB is one of the document databases that store big data. I have used this database for a plethora of projects and can confidently say that I know its functionalities inside out. Also, I am familiar with the MongoDB concepts that are vital in creating and deploying a database that is performance-oriented and highly scalable. You should get in touch with me as soon as possible if you are facing hurdles with topics such as embedded data models. MongoDB schema design, the drop database method, and many more. Do not settle for anything less than a top grade. Hiring me to assist you with your MongoDB homework gives you a competitive edge over your classmates.
Pattern Detection Homework Expert
Pattern detection is a state-of-the-art approach that uses real-life applications to recognize patterns in big data. I am the right expert to trust with your pattern detection homework because am acquainted with the robust machine learning algorithms used in pattern detection. I have successfully solved homework that require knowledge of granular computing techniques applied in both knowledge discovery and data mining. Besides, I am learned in related domains such as computer vision, remote sensing, biometrics, cognitive machines, and social network analysis. I am all about producing accurate solutions that are custom-written to meet your requirements.
Clickstream Analysis Lecturer
This is demanding analytics involves gathering, evaluating, and reporting big data. It is mostly done on website pages to compute aggregate data on visits. I boast of more than five years in the field of big data. I have helped e-commerce companies perform both traffic and e-commerce analytics. These types of analysis work on extremely huge data. I can work with data interpretation and report generation tools such as Hadoop. If you need exceptional assistance with clickstream analysis in any specific area of interest, talk to me right away. I will be happy to use my expertise to help you complete your demanding homework and secure your dream grade.
Accomplished Sentiment Analysis Veteran
I am a professional sentiment analysis tutor. I have more than decade years of experience in the field of data science. My expertise and knowledge allow me to seamlessly integrate with your homework and deliver solutions that are in line with your requirements. Sentiment analysis can be used to retrieve information from various text sources. Your professor might give you a blog, review, or discussion and ask you to perform sentiment analysis. I am an expert in all the types of sentiment analysis such as aspect-based, fine-grained, intent analysis, emotion detection, etc. I can tackle a whole spectrum of sentiment analysis. Send me your sentiment analysis needs and expect impeccable solutions. I am not constrained by time or holidays. I am at your service every single day. I will do everything humanly possible to deliver your work within the agreed time. So do not look anywhere else for assistance with big data-related projects. I am equal to any big data task assigned to you.
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