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Jack U

Ph.D. in Programming, University of Southampton, UK
Online Big Data Tutor & Homework Writer
Does competing for your big data homework feel too much of a hassle? Are you worried that you may miss their deadlines? Maybe it’s time you sought some help. I have been providing big data homework help to university and college scholars for many years and would like to offer my assistance to you. If you let me, I will not only complete those troublesome papers for you but also offer expository services on the areas that may seem too difficult to understand. I also offer online big data tutoring services to students who may need to learn the subject outside of the classroom. Among the topics that I have covered during my provision of homework help and online tutoring services include quantum measurements, effortless retrievals, anomaly detection, and data analysis using RapidMiner, Hadoop, Stata, Lumify, Qubole, Tableau, Cassandra, and Talend. If you are stuck on your big data homework, homework, projects, or any other academic paper and would like some assistance, feel free to seek my services.

Data Wrapper Homework Professional
I can help you curate responsive and interactive data visualizations using the data wrapper tool. Use your CSV dataset to generate pie charts, horizontal and vertical bar charts, line charts, and maps. If your professor has asked you to create your dataset, I can help you find data, clean it and convert it into CSV. Also, am familiar with publishing embedded code on a website. Many students have sought my help and gone ahead to attain success in their data wrapper homework. It doesn't matter how poor you are at using this tool. With my impeccable help, you can still submit well-crafted solutions and secure a top grade.
RapidMiner Homework Tutor
While RapidMiner is a free big data analysis tool, several students are still not familiar with it. This tool has an operator that invokes and executes R. It does this to run the script in the operator. I am immensely experienced in the RapidMiner software and its text analytics extensions and documentation. I have at my disposal the latest version of the tool. However, if your professor has asked you to use a previous version, I can still access it with ease. RapidMiner has a graphical user interface that is unique and a little bit different from other statistical tools such as SPSS and Enterprise miner. This is one of the reasons why most students take time to master this logical and informative data science tool. Do not risk submitting poor quality and incorrect analyses. Opt for my service and relieve yourself of the pressure.
Master of Talend
Feel free to contact me with your basic or advanced big data homework that requires the use of Talend. The best thing about this tool is that you do not have to write any complicated codes. Some of the homework I have handled in this area were related to concepts such as connecting to the Hadoop cluster, reading and storing data files in HDFS, processing hive data in standard jobs, migrating from a standard job to a big data batch job, configuring resource request to YARN and many more. These are only some of the topics that I have successfully handled for students. However, my knowledge and expertise are not constrained to these topics only. You can contact me at your convenience whenever you need expert help with your complicated Talend homework.
Skillful in Lumify
Discovering relationships and exploring connections in big data, creating both 2D and 3D graph visualizations, analyzing entity links on a graph, ingest processing of textual content are some of the areas in Lumify that I can assist you with. I have hands-on experience with this big data fusion analysis tool. I love Lumify because it allows users to organize their tasks into a set of workspaces. Also, it is founded on scalable and proven big data technologies. If you are interested in getting professional help from a proven tutor who understands all the analysis guidelines of Lumify, then hire me now. I am passionate about big data analysis and will deliver flawless work at every time of asking.
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