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Belfast, UK

Jack U

Ph.D. in Programming, University of Southampton, UK
Online Big Data Tutor & Homework Writer
Does competing your big data assignments feel too much of a hassle? Are you worried that you may miss their deadlines? Maybe it’s time you sought some help. I have been providing big data homework help to university and college scholars for many years and would like to offer my assistance to you. If you let me, I will not only complete those troublesome papers for you but also offer expository services on the areas that may seem too difficult to understand. I also offer online big data tutoring services to students who may need to learn the subject outside of the classroom. Among the topics that I have covered during my provision of assignment help and online tutoring services include quantum measurements, effortless retrievals, anomaly detection, and data analysis using RapidMiner, Hadoop, Stata, Lumify, Qubole, Tableau, Cassandra, and Talend. If you are stuck on your big data assignments, homework, projects, or any other academic paper and would like some assistance, feel free to seek my services.

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