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How Has Computer Science Evolved?

In the beginning, was the word, and the word was Knuth. In the past few decades computers have increased in memory by a factor of a million and they run thousands of times faster, and costs have plummeted but the fundamentals have remained the same. Most of the same algorithms that were around when Knuth wrote his series of books are still in use today and the details still apply. Sort algorithms such as bubble sort which are of the order n 2, are inefficient as the number of items increases, and other sort algorithms which are order n log n are far more efficient. It might have taken 2 minutes to sort a few thousand items on computers in the seventies using bubble sort, but it is possible to sort 1000 times as much in the same using bubble sort on present-day computers, but quick sort would operate in seconds. Searching through an array is an order n operation, but using a hash table can be an order 1 operation. So knowledge of the fundamentals is still very significant since computers now operate on data sets that were unimaginable in the seventies, and it is independent of the programming language you use. Some computer science homework help involves knowing about the order of algorithms and calculating them.

Data structures such as linked lists, arrays, hash maps are the same since the seventies, although new data structures such as bloom filters and blockchain have been introduced since then. There is no need to know anything about punch cards, or teletype terminals they have a place in the history of computers, but no practical application in today’s world.

Build Your Own Computer from Scratch

Computer science also includes the fundamentals of computer circuits, where you can build all the building blocks of computer logic using NOR gates. There is a free online course if you are interested in developing from NOR gates all the way up to a processor, it is available at Coursera. This includes hexadecimal representation of numbers, twos complement, Boolean algebra.

What’s New, and Upcoming?

The new subjects in computer science that were not possible on the older computers include some of the big data AI type, which relies on mass statistical analysis, and the data that is currently available which far exceeds the amounts beforehand. So if you have questions that require computer science homework help, we can answer them whether it involves classic computer science or the most recent advances in the field.

You may be required to implement basic data structures from scratch without using the library functions provided by the programming language so that you gain a deeper understanding of the implementation details. So if you are looking for computer programming help to implement the fundamental building blocks of data structures then that is something our experts can deliver.

The study of computers is a wide-ranging field, that covers theoretical as well as practical implementations, and we have a series of experts who specialize in different areas so we can help you, whether you are interested in compiler design, graphics programming, low-level hardware access, or databases.

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