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How to Complete SQL Homework Easily

It might sound as though NoSQL has no place when we are talking about SQL, but it is a widely used alternative to traditional SQL. It does not stand for No SQL but for Not Only SQL, and is designed with JSON in mind which makes it popular to use on websites that use Javascript. There are a few different types of NoSQL databases, the easiest to understand is the key-value databases, which are basically the same as the hash map implementations you find in Python, Java, and the C++ STL, but with added persistence and designed to run on a server. The main implementations you will probably use are Redis and MemcacheDB, Redis is especially useful when used on a server to provide fast lookups for commonly accessed data such as session variables and user authentication.

The other main type of NoSQL database is the document databases that store JSON records, and the most common versions of these are CouchDB and MongoDB. MongoDB uses binary JSON which stores the data in a binary representation for speed of access rather than in a textual form that is used for transmission. Each JSON database entry must have a unique key that is used to link entries together, and the documents may not refer to documents in another database. The data can also automatically be sharded (split into chunks that are run on different servers for increased throughput and capacity). Due to the ability to nest documents, it is easier to avoid joins that can increase the performance compared to a traditional SQL database, and the maximum size of a document is 16MB. One problem with MongoDB is that it relies on a single master node which is responsible for writing changes to the database and then distributing those copies to the duplicate databases, this means it is better for handling databases where reads are more common than writes. MongoDB is used at DoubleClick (the ad spamming service), and craigslist so it has been tested under large-scale conditions.

Whether you have homework using one of the NoSQL systems, including the graph style NoSQL systems which I did not cover in this blog post, we can help you, or even if you are needing to write relational algebra rather than SQL queries we can even do that. Some homework is just to design the schema in the different normal forms, or to write queries to process an existing database, we have dealt with all of those and can provide a solution to your database problems, even ones involving ORMs.

Database homework are complicated when you need to write triggers, or to do a complex join in order to process data involving multiple tables, so rely on our help when the problem is beyond your reach. Let us know which database you are supposed to be working with as there are differences between Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server that may come into play.

You can rely on Programming Homework Help to provide any SQL assignment help you may have.

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