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How to Complete Your C Programming Homework with Linux?

Almost everyone is familiar with Windows, but a lot of courses use Linux and so you should be prepared to program under Linux. Most programming is similar to Windows but the biggest difference is fork since that has no equivalent on Windows. When you call fork the program splits into 2 and carries on running both copies and the value returned depends on whether it is the child (the newly created process) or the parent. The parent gets the id of the child process and the child gets a value of 0, so the parent can send messages to the child. Forking is much easier than creating a thread, so if you want to copy a file in the background you can just write

if (!fork()) {copyFile(); exit(0);}

which will spawn a child, and copy the file in the child process and the main process carries on regardless.

One bug that you can encounter when moving a program from Windows to Linux, is the fact that Linux is case sensitive. Under Linux, HelloWorld.c is a different file than helloworld.c, so if you use #include and use the incorrect case it would work in Windows but under Linux, it would give a file not found error and also related to this is the fact that Linux uses / as the directory separator instead of \ which you need to be aware of.

The way Linux deals with devices is also very different from Windows, so you read from /dev/input/mice to read the state and position of the mouse.

Linux is also popular for server hosting for websites since it is free and there is no need for end-users to use it, so the companies can save money. You may need to write a CGI-bin application that would run on a web server that provides some functionality that can be accessed over the web (this is more common on paid-for systems rather than on free hosting). There are not many web frameworks that are written in C as they tend to be written using PHP, Perl, Python, or some other programming language that has specialist libraries.

We deal with programming on many different operating systems, and many different programming languages, so contact us with the details of your assignments for a quote that will meet your budget and a solution that will satisfy your tutor. If you need help with a Linux assignment, please mention the version of the operating system you are supposed to be using as there as some differences and we can ensure that it will work on the selected environment, you can even use WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) on Windows 10 which allows you to run non-graphical Linux programs without having to reboot into a Linux distribution. We have also worked on assignments involving changes to the kernel that need to be written using a VM.

You can rely on Programming Homework Help to provide any C Programming homework help you may have.

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