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What Are The Advantages Of C Over Java?

C and Java are some of the most commonly used programming languages today. Each has unique features that make it appropriate for the disciplines in which it is applied. But C has been found to be more prevalent than Java when it comes to application development, which gets many people wondering, “What are the advantages of C over Java?” To answer this question, let’s first understand what each programming language entails.


C is a general-purpose computing language developed by Dennis Richie in the Bell laboratories in 1972. It is a powerful programming language, flexible, and easy to use. C is machine-independent and is utilized in a wide range of disciplines. Its applications range from the development of operating systems, like Windows, to the creation of complex software programs like Python interpreter, Git, Oracle database, and more. C is the foundation for all programming. If you are familiar with this language, then you can easily master the basics of other computing languages that utilize the C concept. For more information about the C programming language and/or its applications, liaise with our C assignment help experts.


Java is a computing environment and a programming language developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995. It is class-based, object-oriented, and concurrent, and follows the WOLA (Write Once Run Everywhere) logic, meaning, a code written in Java can run on any platform that supports the language without having to write new code for each platform. Java is fast, reliable, and secure and is used in the development of many websites and software applications. From data centers to laptops, scientific computers to game consoles, mobile phones to the World Wide Web, Java is everywhere. In fact, there are lots of programs today that will not function unless you have Java installed. To learn more about the Java programming language, connect with our Java assignment help experts.

Advantages of C over Java

C has a host of advantages over Java and other programming languages. Our C assignment help professionals have listed a few below:
- C is a middle-level programming language, which means, it is a hybrid of both low-level and high-level programming languages. It can be used to write low-level programs such as scripts for kernels and drivers and also high-level programs such as scripts for software applications. To learn more about how C is used in scripting, contact our Java assignment help experts.
- C allows for structured programming, meaning, a complex program can be broken into smaller more manageable ones called functions. It also allows programmers to move various types of data across these functions.
- C being a lower programming language means that it has more control over the machine for which it is built. It compiles directly to executable machine instructions and does not require a virtual machine at run time for compilation. A virtual machine like the Java Virtual Machine may increase abstraction, affecting the performance of the program.
- The presence of pointers in C makes the language very rich, which gives the programmer the ability to produce more comprehensive and efficient programs.
- C implements data structures and algorithms faster, which facilitates swift computations in programs. As a result, C has been utilized in applications that require a high degree of computations like Mathematica and Matlab. To find out more about how C is utilized in implementing data structures, connect with our C assignment helpers.

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