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Why C# Programming Homework Help Is Better Than Java

There are a lot of similarities between Java and C#, and the responsibility of this can be placed on Sun. Microsoft used to have its own implementation of Java which had some changes so that you could access Windows fully but Sun sued and so Microsoft was forced to come up with its own language which turned out to be C#. At the start, C# was a marginal improvement on Java as it offered operator overloading. This enables you to write a = b * (c + d) when you are using a custom class, say you want to use a rational class to implement fractions, rather than using floating-point values. In Java, you would need to write a = b.multiply(c.plus(d)) which is much less readable. It also offered structs which are a simpler form of a class, which means they can have faster performance, and properties that are an improvement over getX and setX you find in Java.

C# version 2 added generics (template functions) which had been added to Java, as well as iterators. So it caught up with all the features that Java provided, and then carried on adding new features that surpassed Java.

C# version 3 added LINQ (Language Integrated Query), which enabled you to write SQL style code, as well as extension methods that enabled you to modify a final (sealed in C#) class. There was some extra functionality to simplify the properties with automatic get and set.

C# version 4 added named and optional arguments as well as dynamic variables which were useful for interfacing with less restrictive programming languages.

C# version 5 added async and await asynchronous programming.

C# version 6 added more minor features that simplified normal coding and were nice additions. Does null propagation mean you need never write code if a == null again since you can do things like a person? name and if a person is null then the returned value would be null and you can also use the ?? to write person?.name ?? “John Doe” to return a default value if the value is null. String interpolation made writing values to strings much simpler, similar to Python’s F strings, you use $”{first_name} {last_name}” rather than f” as you would in Python.

C# version 7 added multiple ways of returning more than 1 value from a function (either using a tuple or out parameters). It also added lambda type functions so you could write get => name, a minor change was made so that you could use _ inside a constant value, so million = 1_000_000 is easier to check than million = 1000000.

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