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Calculate Conway’s doomsday for a particular year using MIPS assembly assignment help

The assignment deals with calculating the doomsday for a particular year following Conway’s algorithm. The script written by our MIPS assembly assignment help solver uses a predefined table of anchor days to implement the algorithm. The code is based on conditional branches and integer arithmetic.
Table Of Contents
  • Using Conway’s Algorithm to Determine the Doomsday

Using Conway’s Algorithm to Determine the Doomsday

.data prompt: .asciiz "Please enter a year: " errmsg: .asciiz "Error: year must be between 1800 and 2199" result: .asciiz "\nDoomsday: " days: .asciiz "Sunday " .asciiz "Monday " .asciiz "Tuesday " .asciiz "Wednesday " .asciiz "Thursday " .asciiz "Friday " .asciiz "Saturday " .text .globl main main: la $a0, prompt # prompt user to give a year li $v0, 4 syscall li $v0, 5 # read an integer syscall move $s0, $v0 # save year in s0 li $t0, 100 div $s0, $t0 # divide year/100 to get lowest 2 digits mfhi $t0 # get 2 digits of year in t0 li $t1, 12 div $t0, $t1 # divide digits / 12 mflo $s1 # s1 will be a (quotient of y/12) mfhi $s2 # s2 wil be b (remainder of y/12) srl $s3, $s2, 2 # divide remainder by 4 using 2 shifts right, save c in s3 add $s4, $s1, $s2 # sum d = a + b + c and save d in s4 add $s4, $s4, $s3 li $t0, 7 # divide sum / 7 div $s4, $t0 mfhi $s5 # save remainder os sum/7 in s5 blt $s0, 1800, error # if year < 1800, it's an error ble $s0, 1899, friday # if year >= 1800 and year <=1899, use anchor friday ble $s0, 1999, wednesday # if year >= 1900 and year <=1999, use anchor wednesday ble $s0, 2099, tuesday # if year >= 2000 and year <=2099, use anchor tuesday ble $s0, 2199, getDay # if year >= 2100 and year <=2199, get day, since index is 0 error: la $a0, errmsg # else, it's an invalid year, print an error message li $v0, 4 syscall j exit friday: # anchor friday has index 5 addi $s5, $s5, 5 j getDay wednesday: # anchor wednesday has index 3 addi $s5, $s5, 3 j getDay tuesday: # anchor tuesday has index 2 addi $s5, $s5, 2 getDay: la $a0, result # print result li $v0, 4 syscall li $t0, 7 # calculate mod 7 of sum to get doomsday index div $s5, $t0 mfhi $t0 la $a0, days # point to start of array of day names sll $t0, $t0, 4 # multiply index * 16 to get offset in days array add $a0, $a0, $t0 # add to start of array to get pointer to day name li $v0, 4 # print day name syscall exit: li $v0, 10 # exit the program syscall