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Computer network expert

Sydney, Australia

Kennedy L 

PhD. in Programming, University of Sydney, Australia
Certified computer networking tutor
I am an experienced computer network expert who has been working with ProgrammingHomeworkHelp.com for close to five years now. Before joining this platform, I used to work with a local IT company where I offered a host of networking services that aided many businesses in achieving their networking goals. Since 2016, I have been working with college students who have difficulty understanding the concepts of networking, whereby I have helped them not only with their homework but also in mastering these concepts. Over this period, I have covered quite a number of computer network topics including software construction, computer system engineering, digital communication systems, data communication networks, algorithm design and analysis, and high-speed communication circuits. I can offer academic support to both graduate and undergraduate students, so no matter which level of education you are in, you can always count on me to provide the necessary assistance.

Topology and transmission media Expert

I am an adept topology and transmission media expert with immense experience in curating flawless homework. I provide effective assistance in all types of topologies including bus, star, ring, etc. Topology is an important area in networking because it is responsible for the efficient spread of the network. It also covers the transmission of data packets across all networks. If you are studying computer networking, you must write homework on topology and transmission media. I am dedicated to providing accurate, custom-written, and non-plagiarized solutions before your due date. Contact me immediately if you want to impress your professor with expert-written quality homework.

Routing algorithm Homework Helper

I am knowledgeable on the various routing algorithms that provide a safe and effective way of sending information. Feel free to get in touch with me if you need help with routing algorithms such as distributed algorithm, link-state algorithm, isolation algorithm, flooding algorithm, centralized algorithm, etc. Before writing any homework, I familiarize myself with your requirements and the homework instructions. My main aim is to provide you with solutions that are not only excellent but also meet your guidelines. I am at your service whenever you need assistance with any topic or concept in the routing algorithm. I am also available to clear all the doubts and queries you might have regarding the homework.

Management of network and safety Tutor

Today, networking and information have become the lifeline of all successful companies. However, these firms are confronted with problems such as hacking and data theft. If the network is not secured and managed perfectly, cybercriminals and hackers may take advantage of the situation and cause the companies to lose millions. Students need to learn and understand the role and importance of network safety management. The homework allotted to you by your professor in this area is meant to finesse your knowledge of the subject. I know that sometimes the tasks can be extremely difficult for you to handle alone. If you need a helping hand with your management of network and safety homework, hire me now. I guarantee well-crafted solutions that can be understood by any student. I also use self-explanatory real-world examples and diagrams to explain the solution.

IPV4 and IPV6Teacher

Are you in search of a skillful IPV4 and IPV6 teacher to assist you with your homework? I am available ready to go above and beyond to ensure that you receive a stellar-quality write-up as soon as possible. The IPV4 and IPV6 are two of the most common TCP protocols taught in school. If you are not familiar with how these two internet protocol standards work, it is impossible for you to not only complete your homework on time but also score a decent grade. This is where I come in. I have a thorough understanding of both of these standards. Also, I have successfully solved several homework related to these two standards such as the IPV6 DNS resolution, BGP prefixes and routes, traffic paths, and many more. I cannot wait to help you write your homework and improve your knowledge of computer networking.
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