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Having graduates with first-class honors in Computer science I decided to use my knowledge to help students perform better in this course. Over the last 8 years, I have been working with programminghomeworkhelp.com as a computer security homework helper. I find pleasure in students passing their exams without having to spend sleepless nights. Most of the students whom I have worked with in the past have either come back or recommended other students to me. Working with students has helped me understand computer security deeper because I am always learning new things every day. If you are looking to have your assignment completed by the most experienced computer security assignment help expert in Birmingham, contact me today.

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ER Diagram

ER Diagram

Assumptions Made

The diagram above is meant to store the entities, relationships, and attributes that the user has dragged into the drawing canvas which requires to be saved in the database so that the user can load it back again when needed. The diagram above does not “validate” the business rules of modeling an “ERD” diagram. For example, a user can create a diagram that has a weak entity but not connected to a strong entity or a user can drag an attribute to the canvas but not placed inside an entity. These are not legal in a final ERD but there are many reasons why the user has done it that way such as being not a final model yet. The point is the user is free to put in the ER modeling shapes the way they like and these are saved into the database.