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Computer security homework helper in Leeds

Leeds, UK

 Alex N

Masters in Computer Science, Leeds Trinity University


Computer security homework helper in Leeds


Don’t know where to get the best computer security homework helper in Leeds? I am a master's graduate in computer science specializing in computer security. I have been offering computer security homework help for the last 10 years. Over this period I have interacted with students from all corners of the world helping them score good grades. Even though I am based in Leeds you can hire me to help you regardless of your geographical location. Contact me today and have an easy time in college as I get you the right computer security homework solutions.

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Are your software security and trusted systems homework giving you a hard time? If yes, I am here to help you. I am skilled software security and trusted systems instructor in the UK, helping students get top grades in their homework. I cover all software security and trusted systems topics such as:
• SetUID program vulnerabilities
• Buffer overflow
• Trusted computing and multilevel security
I ensure that all solutions are complete before the deadline. I clearly understand how strict institutions are with deadlines, and therefore, by hiring me, you will never have late deliveries. What is more, all my solutions are original since I do each task from scratch. Therefore, by hiring me, you will enjoy high-quality, timely, original, and affordable solutions. To hire me, submit your homework here. I will go through it and then send you a free quotation.

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Cryptography is a complex topic that gives many students a hard time. If your applied cryptography homework is challenging, hire me for help. I am an experienced applied cryptography homework helper. I have the experience and the goodwill to help you get a good grade on your homework. Over the years, I have been offering help in applied cryptography, most of the students I have worked with have returned for more help. I ensure that I have a personal relationship with all the students. Note that in case of a revision, I do it without any extra charge. I know how diverse cryptography is. The good news is that I cover all topics in cryptography, such as:
1. Public-key cryptography and message authentication
2. Public key infrastructure
3. Block & stream ciphers
4. Message integrity and signal signature
5. Symmetric and asymmetric cryptosystem
My services are global, and therefore, your geographical location should not stop you from accessing high-quality solutions from me. Hire me today by submitting your homework here and enjoy unmatched solutions that guarantee you a top grade.

Security Economics and Risk Modelling Tutor in Leeds

Are you struggling to complete your urgent security economics and risk modeling homework? Instead of spending long hours completing homework, please hire me to complete it for you at an affordable price. I will guarantee you a top grade by delivering your homework on time, doing it from scratch, and following all the instructions. Being top security economics and risk modeling tutor in Leeds, I know what your lecturer expects of you. Therefore, by hiring me, you are getting both an educated and experienced expert. Should you still have doubts about my ability to deliver quality solutions, I will share samples of similar tasks. I will help you in all security economics and risk modeling topics, including;
 Cyber-insurance
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Blockchain and Decentralized Applications Educator

Blockchain and decentralized applications are trending and popular topics because they are seen as the future of money and smart contracts. Everyone is trying to explore the blockchain field, which is why it is becoming popular in institutions. However, despite its popularity, it is a very challenging topic of study. This is because it is still new in the market, and many things keep on changing. However, if you are a student and having a hard time completing your blockchain and decentralized application homework, I am here to help you. I am an experienced blockchain and decentralized applications educator with massive experience in the industry. I cover all topics in blockchain and decentralization, such as:
Hashing and consensus protocols Blockchain security
Smart contracts Scalability and privacy challenges
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Operating systems Programming

Design Document

The purpose of this document is to discuss the classes and objects and how they all work together to meet the requirements.


A counter represents a table where the servers will work. Each counter runs as a separate thread. They use a semaphore to make them forced to wait. They will only proceed to work when a customer enters the waiting area. By then, they get notified and then proceed to serve the next customer from the waiting area. A counter will stop if all customers have been served for the entire duration of the simulation.

Waiting Area

A waiting area is where incoming customers will sit down and wait for them to be called. The waiting area is protected by a semaphore so that it is being accessed by one thread at a time (Counter and Customer Threads). Another purpose of a waiting area is to identify the next customer to be served when one of the counters becomes available. The next customer to be processed is the one with the smallest number of orders. Once they are picked by an available counter, they will leave the waiting area and go to the counter. Since the customer is still inside the shop, the number of customers in the shop will still remain the same. The number of customers in the shop will only decrease if the customer leaves the shop which happens when they have received all their orders.


A customer represents an individual person who goes into the shop to buy 1 to 20 burritos. Each customer runs as a separate thread. They come at a random time then go into the waiting area. They will be rejected from the waiting area if it is already full, otherwise, they go in and seat down and wait for a server to call them. Once a customer is called by a server, their orders will be processed but up to 3 burritos only. If there are more burritos left then they go back to the waiting area. Otherwise, they go to the cashier and do their payment. After the cashier, they leave the shop. The last customer that leaves the shop will trigger the exit point of the counter (Server) threads.


The cashier is protected by a semaphore to be used by 1 customer at a time only. The cashier is where customers pay before they get out of the shop.


The main class is the entry point of the program. The program can be run in 2 options. The first option is without arguments in which will use the default configuration. The second option is where we can use custom configuration values for simulation. The default configuration uses 3 counters, 15 customers, and a minimum of 1 burrito order per customer, a maximum of 20 burrito orders per customer, 15 customer limit in the waiting area, and the number of burritos each server can produce for each customer. The main class will create all threads and run them at the same time. The main class will wait for all these threads to finish before terminating.