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Create Random Numbers in Assembly Language and Then Sort Them Using Comb Sort in X86-64 Assembly Assignment Solution.


Write a program to create random numbers in assembly language and then sort them using comb sort in x86-64 assembly.

Requirements and Specifications

Comb Sort. The comb sort is a variation of a bubble sort where the comparisons are done over a gap rather than comparing neighbouring elements. This allows the smallest and largest values to transition nearer to their correct positions using less swaps. For an array of n items, start with a gapsize of n. Before each pass through the array, multiply the gapsize by 10 then divide by 13 (round down). The multiplication must be done before the division to avoid a loss of precision. Once the gapsize is 1, the algorithm begins to check if a swap is done on a given iteration of the array. If no swaps were performed, the list is sorted and the algorithm ends.
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Implement operations for 16x16 byte arrays using row major order Assembly languageCreate random numbers in assembly language and then sort them using comb sort in Assembly language

Source Code

; Program Header Here

; Write Macros Here

; Determines the number of characters (including null) of the provided string

; Argument 1: Address of string

; Returns length in rdx

%macro findLength 1

 push rcx

 mov rdx, 1


  mov cl, byte[%1 + rdx - 1]

  cmp cl, NULL

  je %%countLettersDone

  inc rdx

 loop %%countLettersLoop


 pop rcx


; Prints a string to standard output

; Argument 1: Address of string location

%macro printString 1

 push rbx

 lea rbx, [%1]


  cmp byte[rbx], NULL

  je %%readLengthDone

  mov rax, SYSTEM_WRITE

  mov rdi, STANDARD_OUT

  mov rsi, rbx

  mov rdx, 1


  inc rbx

 jmp %%printLoop


 pop rbx


; Outputs error message and stops program execution

; Argument 1: Address of error message

%macro endOnError 1

 printString %1

 mov rax, SYSTEM_EXIT

 mov rdi, FAILURE



%macro clearInputBuffer 0


  mov rax, SYSTEM_READ

  mov rdi, STANDARD_IN

  mov rsi, inputString

  mov rdx, 1


 cmp byte[inputString], LINEFEED

 jne %%clearBufferLoop


; Reads a string in from standard in

; Argument 1: Address of location to place string

; Argument 2: Integer max length of string

%macro readString 2

 mov rbx, 0


  mov rax, SYSTEM_READ

  mov rdi, STANDARD_IN

  lea rsi, [%1 + rbx]

  mov rdx, 1


  inc rbx

  cmp byte[%1 + rbx - 1], LINEFEED

  je %%readLengthDone

 cmp rbx, %2 + 1

 jb %%readLengthLoop


  endOnError errorStringTooLong


 mov byte[%1 + rbx - 1], NULL


section .data

 ; System Service Call Constants


 SUCCESS equ 0

 FAILURE equ 1





 ; ASCII Values

 NULL equ 0

 LINEFEED equ 10

 ; Program Constraints








 ; Labels / Useful Strings

 labelHeader db "Sorted Random Number Generator", LINEFEED, LINEFEED, NULL

 labelSorted db "Sorted Random Numbers", LINEFEED, LINEFEED, NULL

 endOfLine db LINEFEED, NULL

 space db " "

 ; Prompts

 promptCount db "Number of values to generate (2-10,000): ", NULL

 promptMaxVal db "Maximum Value (1-100,000): ", NULL

 ; Error Messages

 ; Array Length

 errorArrayMinimum db LINEFEED, "Error - Program can only generate at least 1 value.", LINEFEED, LINEFEED, NULL

 errorArrayMaximum db LINEFEED, "Error - Program can only generate at most 10,000 values.", LINEFEED, LINEFEED, NULL

 ; Max value

 errorMaxValMinimum db LINEFEED, "Error - Maximum value must be at least 1.", LINEFEED, LINEFEED, NULL

 errorMaxValMaximum db LINEFEED, "Error - Maximum value must be at most 100,000.", LINEFEED, LINEFEED, NULL

 ; Decimal String Conversion

 errorStringUnexpected db LINEFEED,"Error - Unexpected character found in input." , LINEFEED, LINEFEED, NULL

 errorStringNoDigits db LINEFEED,"Error - Value must contain at least one numeric digit." , LINEFEED, LINEFEED, NULL

 ; Input Length

 errorStringTooLong db LINEFEED, "Error - Input can be at most 20 characters long." , LINEFEED, LINEFEED, NULL

 ; Other

 arrayLength dd 0

 maxValue dd 0

 ; current lcg value, start in 1

 lcg dd 1

 ; globals for lcg

 lcgA dd 48271

 lcgM dd 2147483647

section .bss

 ; Array of integer values, not all will necessarily be used

 array resd 10000

 inputString resb 21

 outputString resb 11

section .text

global _start


 ; Output Header

 printString labelHeader

 ; Output Array Length Prompt

 printString promptCount

 ; Read in Array Length - one character at a time

 readString inputString, INPUT_LENGTH

 ; Convert Array Length

 mov rdi, inputString

 mov rsi, arrayLength

 call convertDecimalToInteger

 ; Check that Array Length is Valid - output error message and end program if not

 cmp dword[arrayLength], MINIMUM_ARRAY_SIZE

 jl arrayLengthErrorMinimum

 cmp dword[arrayLength], MAXIMUM_ARRAY_SIZE

 jg arrayLengthErrorMaximum

 jmp arrayLengthVerified


  endOnError errorArrayMinimum


  endOnError errorArrayMaximum


 ; Output Max value Prompt

 printString promptMaxVal

 ; Read in Max value - one character at a time

 readString inputString, INPUT_LENGTH

 ; Convert Max value

 mov rdi, inputString

 mov rsi, maxValue

 call convertDecimalToInteger

 ; Check that Max value is Valid - output error message and end program if not

 cmp dword[maxValue], MINIMUM_MAX_VALUE

 jl maxValErrorMinimum

 cmp dword[maxValue], MAXIMUM_MAX_VALUE

 jg maxValErrorMaximum

 jmp maxValueVerified


  endOnError errorMaxValMinimum


  endOnError errorMaxValMaximum


 ; Generate Array Length Values randomly

 mov ecx, dword[arrayLength]

 mov r11, array


  mov rdi, lcg

  mov esi, dword[maxValue]

  call lcgGenerator ; generate random number

  mov [r11], eax ; save random number

  add r11, 4 ; advance to next position in array

 loop randLoop

 mov rdi, array

 mov esi, dword[arrayLength]

 call combSort ; sort using comb sort

 ; Output Array Values in Hex - (5 Per Line)

 ; Print Header

 printString labelSorted

 ; Print Values - 5 Per Line

 mov ecx, dword[arrayLength]


 mov r9, array


  push rcx

  push r9

  push r8

  mov rdi, r9

  mov rsi, outputString

  call convertIntegerToHexadecimal

  pop r8

  mov rax, SYSTEM_WRITE

  mov rdi, STANDARD_OUT

  mov rsi, outputString

  mov rdx, OUTPUT_LENGTH


  cmp r8, 1

  je printNewLine

   mov rsi, space

   dec r8

   jmp printDelimiter


   mov rsi, endOfLine

   mov r8, VALUES_PER_LINE


  mov rax, SYSTEM_WRITE

  mov rdi, STANDARD_OUT

  mov rdx, 1


  pop r9

  add r9, 4

  pop rcx

  dec rcx

 cmp rcx, 0

 jne outputLoop


 je endProgram

 mov rax, SYSTEM_WRITE

 mov rdi, STANDARD_OUT

 mov rsi, endOfLine

 mov rdx, 1



 mov rax, SYSTEM_EXIT

 mov rdi, SUCCESS


; Convert decimal string to dword integer

; Argument 1: null terminated string (byte array)

; Argument 2: dword integer variable


 mov eax, 0

 mov rbx, rdi

 mov r9d, 1 ; sign

 mov r8d, 10 ; base

 mov r10, 0 ; digits processed


  mov cl, byte[rbx]

  cmp cl, " "

  jne nextCheck1

  inc rbx

 jmp checkForSpaces1


 cmp cl, "+"

 je checkForSpaces2Adjust

 cmp cl, "-"

 jne checkNumerals

 mov r9d, -1


  inc rbx


  mov cl, byte[rbx]

  cmp cl, " "

  jne nextCheck2

  inc rbx

 jmp checkForSpaces2



  movzx ecx, byte[rbx]

  cmp cl, NULL

  je finishConversion

  cmp cl, " "

  je checkForSpaces3

  cmp cl, "0"

  jb errorUnexpectedCharacter

  cmp cl, "9"

  jbe convertCharacter


   endOnError errorStringUnexpected


  sub cl, "0"

  mul r8d

  add eax, ecx

  inc r10

  inc rbx

 jmp checkNumerals


  mov cl, byte[rbx]

  cmp cl, " "

  jne checkNull

  inc rbx

 jmp checkForSpaces3


  cmp cl, NULL

  je finishConversion

   endOnError errorStringUnexpected


  cmp r10, 0

  jne applySign

   endOnError errorStringNoDigits


  mul r9d

  mov dword[rsi], eax


; Convert integer to hexadecimal string

; Argument 1: dword integer variable

; Argument 2: string (11 byte array)


 mov byte[rsi], "0"

 mov byte[rsi+1], "x"

 mov byte[rsi+10], NULL

 mov rbx, rsi

 add rbx, 9

 mov r8d, 16 ;base

 mov rcx, 8

 mov eax, dword[rdi]


  mov edx, 0

  div r8d

  cmp dl, 10

  jae addA

   add dl, "0" ; Convert 0-9 to "0"-"9"

  jmp nextDigit


   add dl, 55 ; 65 - 10 = 55 to convert 10 to "A"


   mov byte[rbx], dl

   dec rbx

   dec rcx

 cmp eax, 0

 jne convertHexLoop


  cmp rcx, 0

  je endConversion

  mov byte[rbx], "0"

  dec rbx

  dec rcx

 jmp addZeroes



; LCG generator, generate a random number using a linear congruential generator

; Argument 1: reference to lcg variable

; Argument 2: range

; Returns eax = random number


 mov eax, [rdi] ; load lcg_n-1

 mul dword[lcgA] ; lcg_n-1 * a

 div dword[lcgM] ; divide lcg_n-1 * a over m

 mov [rdi], edx ; use (lcg_n-1 * a) mod m as next lcg

 mov eax, [rdi] ; returning new lcg

 inc esi ; load range + 1

 mov edx, 0 ; extend zero in edx for division

 div esi ; divide lcg / range + 1

 mov eax, edx ; return lcg mod (range + 1)


; Comb sort function, sorts the input array using comb sort

; Argument 1: address of the dword array to be sorted

; Argument 2: length of array


 mov r8d, esi ; gapsize = n


 mov eax, 10

 mul r8d ; gapsize * 10

 mov ecx, 13

 mov edx, 0

 div ecx ; gapsize*10 / 13

 mov r8d, eax ; gapsize = gapsize*10 / 13

 cmp r8d, 0 ; if gapsize == 0

 jne combNext ; else, skip

 mov r8d, 1 ; gapsize = 1


 mov r9d, 0 ; swapsdone = 0

 mov ecx, 0 ; i = 0

 mov edx, esi ; load n

 sub edx, r8d ; n - gapsize

 mov r10, rdi ; point to start of array

 mov r11, 0

 mov r11d, r8d ; load gapsize

 shl r11, 2 ; multiply by 4

 add r11, rdi ; point to array[gapsize]


 cmp ecx, edx ; compare i with n-gapsize

 jge combEndLoop

 mov eax, [r10] ; load array[i]

 mov ebx, [r11] ; load array[i+gapsize]

 cmp eax, ebx ; compare array[i] with array[i+gapsize]

 jle combSkip ; if array[i] <= array[i+gapsize], skip

 mov [r10], ebx ; array[i] = array[i+gapsize]

 mov [r11], eax ; array[i+gapsize] = temp

 inc r9d ; swapsdone ++


 add r10, 4 ; advance to array[i+1]

 add r11, 4 ; advance to array[i+gapsize+1]

 inc ecx ; i++

 jmp combForLoop


 cmp r8d, 1 ; see if gapsize == 1

 jne combLoop ; if not, continue

 cmp r9d, 0 ; see if swapsdone == 0

 jne combLoop ; if not, continue