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Create Rules for Our PyKE Expert System for Course Selection in Python

We are excited to present our expert system built using PyKE, which will assist you with course selection in Python. Whether you need Python assignment help or guidance in other areas, our AI-powered expert system utilizes predefined rules and facts to make well-informed decisions. By the end of this guide, you'll have access to a fully functional expert system capable of recommending the best Python courses tailored to your preferences and skill levels.

Step 1: Installing PyKE

Before we begin, let's make sure you have PyKE installed on your system. If not, you can easily install it using the following command:


pip install pyke


Step 2: Importing the Necessary Libraries

We'll start by importing the required libraries for working with PyKE. These libraries will help us build our expert system.


from pyke import knowledge_engine


Step 3: Defining Course Facts

Facts are the foundation of our expert system and represent knowledge about various Python courses and their attributes. Below are some of the Python course facts we've gathered:


facts = '''

    course("Introduction to Python", "beginner", "programming")

    course("Advanced Python", "intermediate", "programming")

    course("Data Science with Python", "intermediate", "data science")

    course("Python for Web Development", "intermediate", "web development")

    course("Python for AI and Machine Learning", "advanced", "artificial intelligence")

    course("Python for Game Development", "advanced", "game development")



Step 4: Creating Rules for Better Decision-Making

Now, we'll define the rules that our expert system will follow to make logical decisions. These rules consist of a head (the conclusion) and a body (the conditions).


rules = '''

    python_beginner_course(course_name) IF course(course_name, "beginner", "programming")

    python_intermediate_course(course_name) IF course(course_name, "intermediate", "programming")

    python_data_science_course(course_name) IF course(course_name, "intermediate", "data science")

    python_web_dev_course(course_name) IF course(course_name, "intermediate", "web development")

    python_ai_course(course_name) IF course(course_name, "advanced", "artificial intelligence")

    python_game_dev_course(course_name) IF course(course_name, "advanced", "game development")



Step 5: Your Goal - Finding the Perfect Python Course

Our ultimate aim is to recommend the ideal Python course for you, tailored to your specific needs. In this case, we are searching for a course that suits advanced learners with an interest in artificial intelligence.


goal = 'python_ai_course(course_name)'


Step 6: Building the Knowledge Base and Loading Facts and Rules

Now, we'll create the Knowledge Base (KB) and load the facts and rules to empower our expert system with the necessary knowledge.


engine = knowledge_engine.engine(__file__)


engine.add_kb('python_programming', 'e', facts=facts, rules=rules)


Step 7: Reaching Your Goal - Get the Best Course Recommendation

With our expert system ready, it's time to achieve your goal. Let's find the perfect Python course for you!


print("We recommend the following Python course for you:")

for plan in engine.prove_1_goal(goal):




You now have access to our expert system built using PyKE, designed to help you find the most suitable Python course. Personalized course recommendations based on your skill level and interests will undoubtedly enhance your learning journey. Feel free to explore more courses and rules to improve our expert system further. Happy learning