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Implementing asimple console flight-management application in Java assignment help

The assignment was to implement a simple Java console application that must be completely based on a given UML domain class diagram and a detailed description for each class. The business area of the application is flight management. The program created by our Java assignment helpers allows users to manipulate flights and packages via a console. The flight management system is named Paketzustellung.
Table Of Contents
  • UML diagrams for Java Console Program

UML diagrams for Java Console Program

Flight.java public class Flight { private static final int MAX_PACKAGE_PER_FLIGHT = 10; private String flightNumber; private String destination; private Package[] packages; private int numPackages; private String status; public Flight(String flightNumber, String destiantion) { this.flightNumber = flightNumber; this.destination = destiantion; this.packages = new Package[MAX_PACKAGE_PER_FLIGHT]; this.numPackages = 0; this.status = "On Time"; } public String toString() { String result = "Flight Number: " + flightNumber + "\n"; result += "Destination: " + destination + "\n"; result += "Flight bStatus: " + status + "\n"; if (numPackages >0) { result += "Contains " + numPackages + " package(s): \n"; for (int i = 0; i