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Online Eiffel Tutor

Sheffield, UK

Justin R

Ph.D. in Programming, Durham University, UK
Eiffel Tutoring Professional
My journey as an online Eiffel tutor began in 2009 after working for several years with a local software development company. I know the ins and outs of object-oriented programming and have been offering online classes on the various OOP concepts covered in Eiffel including classes, objects, polymorphism, encapsulation, abstraction, and inheritance. While I mainly focus on Eiffel, I can also provide academic support on other object-oriented programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, Java, C++, Scala, Visual Basic.Net, PHP, and more. My sessions are customized to students’ needs and administered at a time that is most convenient to the recipient. To book a slot, just reach out to me by clicking the ‘hire’ button available next to my profile, tell me the exact topic (s) on which you need tutoring and we will work out a time that is convenient for both of us.

Eiffel System Organization Teacher

An Eiffel system is made up of a set of classes. To understand this programming language, you must know how to designate the root class and create an instance for it. For any Eiffel system to be feasible to must have all the classes that the root class directly or indirectly depends on. Homework on system organization can be on class relations, clusters, and inheritance structure. I have a thorough understanding of all these areas. Also, I am acquainted with Eiffel’s software libraries such as EiffelBase, Kernel library, and Eiffel Vision 2. I know that homework makes up your final grade. It is essential that you submit accurate solutions that fulfill your instructions and guidelines. I am an experienced Eiffel system organization teacher who’s experienced in homework writing. I never disappoint. Try my service today and watch your grade improve.

Eiffel Agents Specialist

Eiffel agents use object-oriented concepts to model operations. It is common for students to confuse operations with objects. There are applications where objects might represent operations. Eiffel expresses operations as routines. For this reason, every agent must have a routine that is associated with it. I provide impeccable help with all the concepts related to agents including building an agent, operations performed on agents, open and closed arguments, open targets, Inline agents, and many more. I want you to know that you are not alone when you are stranded with your homework. I am just a click of the mouse away. Contact me with your homework and expect solutions that have never been presented anywhere else.

Eiffel Lexical Conventions and Style Rules Lecturer

Every Eiffel programmer should be familiar with the lexical conventions and style rules before embarking on coding. Having an in-depth understanding of these two saves you from writing erroneous codes which do not run. Some of the rules that you should have at your fingertips include: class names should be in upper case, texts are free-format, constant features are predefined entities and expressions, etc. I have been coding in Eiffel since I can remember. I know the lexical conventions and style rules. You are free to seek my help at your convenience if you are struggling with your homework. Also, if your code is not running because you have violated a style rule, I can help you debug it. I am not constrained to a specific region. I offer Eiffel programming assistance to students from all backgrounds.

Non-object Calls Professional

There are certain situations when you might be required to apply a feature of a class without involving the target object. This is what I know as a non-object call. The concept of object calls and non-object calls can be confusing. I can clear all your doubts regarding non-object calls in an instant. If you need professional help with homework in this area, contact me quickly. I have years of experience in handling non-object calls homework. I follow the best coding practices while writing your program. So there is no need to worry that your code will be plagiarized or return errors. I am a non-object calls professional who wants you to pass your homework with flying colors.
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