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Files Class Homework Solution in C

Files Class Activity

Write a C assignment to write your first name (hardcoded) to the screen and possibly to a file whose name is passed into the program from the command line. It can be written in any case.

Usage: writer [-f filename]

• If the -f option is included with a filename, then create a file with that name or overwrite a previously existing file and write your name in the first line.

• If the -f option is not included, then only write your name to the screen followed by a newline.

Use a copy of the original getopt to parse the command line.


#include < stdio.h> #include < getopt.h> int main(int argc, char ** argv) { FILE *f; char* name = "Manny"; printf("%s\n", name); int opt; while((opt = getopt(argc, argv, "f:")) != -1) { switch(opt) { case 'f': f = fopen(optarg, "w"); if (!f) { printf("Can not open file %s\n", optarg); return 0; } fprintf(f, "%s\n", name); fclose(f); break; } } return 0; }