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Uses of function in Python Programming Assignment Solution

For this programming challenge, you will use Turtle to draw trees and people (stick figures). Your program should contain four functions:

Tree(t, color): the function should accept a turtle object and a color (string) and draw a tree in that color. The core of the tree is an equilateral triangle (all sides are equal).

Human(t, color): the function should accept a turtle object and a color (string) and draw a human (stick figure) in that color. The function should use the circle function to draw the head of the human.

Circle(t): the function should accept a turtle object and draw a circle.

Main(): the function should prompt the user for the number of tree-human pairs he’d like to draw and their colors (hint: can store colors in lists). The program should then use the Tree and Human functions to draw the number of tree-human pairs. For each pair, a tree should be drawn first followed by a human. The ground should be drawn in green connecting all the trees and humans.

Sample Outputs: Run #1:

Sample 1

Run #2:

Sample 2
Sample 3
Sample 4


import turtle def Tree(t,color): t.pendown() t.color(color) t.left(90) t.forward(30) t.right(90) t.forward(40) t.left(120) t.forward(80) t.left(120) t.forward(80) t.left(120) t.forward(40) t.penup() t.right(90) t.forward(30) t.left(90) def Human(t,color): t.backward(12.5) t.pendown() t.color(color) t.left(60) t.forward(25) t.left(30) t.forward(40) t.left(150) t.forward(25) t.backward(25) t.left(60) t.forward(25) t.backward(25) t.left(150) t.forward(10) t.right(90) Circle(t) t.right(90) t.forward(50) t.left(30) t.forward(25) t.penup() t.left(60) t.backward(12.5) def Circle(t): t.circle(10) def Main(): count = int(input("How many tree-human pairs do you want to draw? (1-4): ")) treeColors=[] humanColors=[] for i in range(0,count): treeColor=input("Enter the color of tree "+str(i+1)+": ") humanColor=input("Enter the color of human "+str(i+1)+": ") treeColors.append(treeColor) humanColors.append(humanColor) turtle.begin_fill() for j in range (0,count): Tree(turtle,treeColors[j]) turtle.forward(100) Human(turtle,humanColors[j]) turtle.forward(100) turtle.backward(50) turtle.color("green") turtle.pendown() turtle.backward(200*count) Main()