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Internet security homework helper


Internet security is a very interesting topic of study because new things come up every day. For the past 8 years, I have worked as an internet security tutor I have watched a lot of revolutions in internet security. I have worked with students helping them complete their homework and tutoring them. As an internet security homework helper, I enjoy working with students and helping them get top grades. Helping students also helps me learn new things in this evolving industry. Should you want internet security homework solutions from an expert contact me for quality work.

Cyber Security Breaches Homework Solver

Are you struggling with your cyber security breached homework? Are you looking for an experienced cyber security breaches homework solver? Worry no more because I am here to help you. With an experience of over seven years working with students, I can guarantee you a top grade. Lack of knowledge, time crunch, and desire for good grades are some of the reasons why students come to me for help in cyber security breaches. If you have homework that you are not sure about, hire me for top-class solutions. Hiring me relieves you of the pressure and exhaustion that comes with writing challenging homework that you have to research repeatedly. I look forward to hearing from you as you match towards attaining top grades.

Skilled Social Network Security Instructor

If your social network security homework stresses you, the relief you are looking for is right here. I am a skilled social network security instructor with a lot of knowledge in social network security. By hiring me to complete your social network security homework, you will get a high-quality solution and your work delivered on time. I know how to balance to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Note that I do all the solutions from scratch, and therefore, you will enjoy original work from me. I cover all details on social network security, such as linking accounts, profiles, location, and many more. To hire me for your homework, submit your work here. I will go through it and then send you a free quotation.

Mobile Protection Homework Helper

If you are taking an internet security course, you will study mobile protection. It is not a complex topic, but it’s pretty broad. If you are taking mobile protection homework that is hard to complete or you do not have the time to complete it, I am here to help you. I am a top mobile protection homework helper working with students to ensure that they get good grades. I simplify everything for you using terms you can understand. By hiring me, you are getting an available tutor, and therefore, you can check the progress of your work at any time. Having been in this industry for many years, I am one expert that you can rely on. Hire me today for your mobile protection homework and enjoy top grades.

Online Authentication, Access Control, and Cryptography Tutor

Do not get stressed over your authentication, access control, and cryptography homework when you can get professional help from me. Authentication, access control, and cryptography are some of the most challenging topics in internet security. Being an internet security expert, I have adequate knowledge to solve your authentic access control and cryptography homework within your stated duration. Note that even if it is a project or a quiz, I will ensure that you get the solutions you have been looking for. Having my work on your homework guarantees you the best solutions which lead to a straight-A.
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Dynamic memory allocation

#include "C2A5E4_StatusCode-Driver.h" #define HEX_NUMBER(x) ('0' <= x && x <= '9') #define HEX_LETTER(x) (('a' <= x && x <= 'f') || ('A' <= x && x <= 'F')) #define HEX_DIGIT(x) (HEX_NUMBER(x) || HEX_LETTER(x)) #define STATE_START ( 1) #define STATE_PREFIX ( 2) #define STATE_PREFIX_START ( 3) #define STATE_WHOLE ( 4) #define STATE_NOT_WHOLE ( 5) #define STATE_FRACT ( 6) #define STATE_EXPONENT ( 7) #define STATE_POSITIVE_SIGN ( 8) #define STATE_NEGATIVE_SIGN ( 9) #define STATE_POSITIVE_EXPONENT (10) #define STATE_NEGATIVE_EXPONENT (11) StatusCodeDetectFloats(const char *chPtr) { int state = STATE_START; char letter = '\0'; while (true) { letter = *chPtr; chPtr = &chPtr[1]; switch (state) { case STATE_START: { if (letter == '0') { state = STATE_PREFIX; continue; } return StatusCode::NO_MATCH; } case STATE_PREFIX: { if (letter == 'X' || letter == 'x') { state = STATE_PREFIX_START; continue; } return StatusCode::NO_MATCH; } case STATE_PREFIX_START: { if (HEX_DIGIT(letter)) { state = STATE_WHOLE; continue; } if (letter == '.') { state = STATE_NOT_WHOLE; continue; } return StatusCode::NO_MATCH; } case STATE_WHOLE: { if (HEX_DIGIT(letter)) { continue; } if (letter == '.') { state = STATE_FRACT; continue; } if (letter == 'P' || letter == 'p') { state = STATE_EXPONENT; continue; } return StatusCode::NO_MATCH; } case STATE_NOT_WHOLE: { if (HEX_DIGIT(letter)) { state = STATE_FRACT; continue; } return StatusCode::NO_MATCH; } case STATE_FRACT: { if (HEX_DIGIT(letter)) { continue; } if (letter == 'P' || letter == 'p') { state = STATE_EXPONENT; continue; } return StatusCode::NO_MATCH; } case STATE_EXPONENT: { if (HEX_DIGIT(letter)) { state = STATE_POSITIVE_EXPONENT; continue; } if (letter == '+') { state = STATE_POSITIVE_SIGN; continue; } if (letter == '-') { state = STATE_NEGATIVE_SIGN; continue; } return StatusCode::NO_MATCH; } case STATE_POSITIVE_SIGN: { if (HEX_DIGIT(letter)) { state = STATE_POSITIVE_EXPONENT; continue; } return StatusCode::NO_MATCH; } case STATE_POSITIVE_EXPONENT: { if (letter == 'F' || letter == 'f') { return StatusCode::TYPE_FLOAT; } if (letter == 'L' || letter == 'l') { return StatusCode::TYPE_LDOUBLE; } if (letter == '\0') { return StatusCode::TYPE_DOUBLE; } if (HEX_DIGIT(letter)) { continue; } return StatusCode::NO_MATCH; } case STATE_NEGATIVE_SIGN: { if (HEX_DIGIT(letter)) { state = STATE_NEGATIVE_EXPONENT; continue; } return StatusCode::NO_MATCH; } case STATE_NEGATIVE_EXPONENT: { if (letter == 'F' || letter == 'f') { return StatusCode::TYPE_FLOAT; } if (letter == 'L' || letter == 'l') { return StatusCode::TYPE_LDOUBLE; } if (letter == '\0') { return StatusCode::TYPE_DOUBLE; } if (HEX_DIGIT(letter)) { continue; } return StatusCode::NO_MATCH; } } } } #include #include #include #include using namespace std; void OpenFile(const char *fileName, ifstream&inFile) { inFile.open(fileName); if (!inFile.is_open()) { std::cerr<< "Could not open file!" < #include #include #include void SwapObjects(void *pa, void *pb, size_t size) { if (size == 0) { // nothing to do in this case return; } void *pc; pc = malloc(size); // gets the error code for the malloc operation int malloc_errno = errno; if (pc == NULL) { // could not allocate memory fprintf(stderr, "Could not allocate temporary buffer for swapping!\n"); exit(malloc_errno); } // swaps values, using temporary buffer 'pc' memcpy(pc, pa, size); memcpy(pa, pb, size); memcpy(pb, pc, size); // releases the temporary buffer free(pc); } #include #include #include #include "C2A5E2_Type-Driver.h" Type **Create2D(size_t rows, size_t cols) { size_tfull_length = rows * cols; Type *data_array; data_array = malloc(sizeof(*data_array) * full_length); // gets the error code for the malloc operation int malloc_errno_a = errno; if (data_array == NULL) { // could not allocate memory fprintf(stderr, "Could not allocate data array!\n"); exit(malloc_errno_a); } Type **pointer_array; pointer_array = malloc(sizeof(*pointer_array) * rows); // gets the error code for the malloc operation int malloc_errno_b = errno; if (pointer_array == NULL) { // could not allocate memory fprintf(stderr, "Could not allocate pointer array!\n"); exit(malloc_errno_b); } // setups all pointers to point to the right place in data_array for (int index = 0; index < rows; index += 1) { pointer_array[index] = &data_array[(index * cols)]; } return pointer_array; } void Free2D(void *p) { Type **pointer_array; pointer_array = (Type **) p; Type *data_array; data_array = pointer_array[0]; free(data_array); free(pointer_array); }

Creating a database in SQL

CREATE USER 'cs363'@'%1'; GRANT DROP, CREATE, INSERT, DELETE ON tweets.* TO 'cs363'@'%1'; CREATE SCHEMA tweets; DROP TABLE IF EXISTS tweets.HasHashTag; DROP TABLE IF EXISTS tweets.HasURL; DROP TABLE IF EXISTS tweets.userTweets; DROP TABLE IF EXISTS tweets.users; DROP TABLE IF EXISTS tweets.tweets; DROP TABLE IF EXISTS tweets.state; CREATE TABLE tweets.url( urlVARCHAR(255) PRIMARY KEY ); CREATE TABLE tweets.tags ( hashtag VARCHAR(150) PRIMARY KEY ); CREATE TABLE tweets.state( state VARCHAR(50) PRIMARY KEY ); CREATE TABLE tweets.tweets( TID INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, text VARCHAR(240) NOT NULL, retweeted BOOLEAN NOT NULL, tCount INTEGER NOT NULL CHECK (tCount>=0), date DATE NOT NULL, createdON TIMESTAMP ); CREATE TABLE tweets.users ( ScreenNameVARCHAR(100) PRIMARY KEY, NAME VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL, Followers INTEGER NOT NULL CHECK (Followers>=0), Follow INTEGER NOT NULL CHECK (Follow>=0), Category VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL, SubCategoryVARCHAR(100) NOT NULL, Location VARCHAR(150) NOT NULL, State VARCHAR(50), FOREIGN KEY(State) REFERENCES tweets.state(state) ); CREATE TABLE tweets.HasURL ( TID INTEGER, URL VARCHAR(255) , PRIMARY KEY(TID,URL), FOREIGN KEY(URL) REFERENCES tweets.url(URL), FOREIGN KEY(TID) REFERENCES tweets.tweets(TID) ); CREATE TABLE tweets.HasHashTag ( TID INTEGER, hashtags VARCHAR(150) , PRIMARY KEY(TID,hashtags), FOREIGN KEY(hashtags) REFERENCES tweets.tags(hashtags), FOREIGN KEY(TID) REFERENCES tweets.tweets(TID) ); CREATE TABLE tweets.userTweets ( TID INTEGER, ScreenNameVARCHAR(100) , PRIMARY KEY(TID,ScreenName), FOREIGN KEY(ScreenName) REFERENCES tweets.users(ScreenName), FOREIGN KEY(TID) REFERENCES tweets.tweets(TID) );