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Java Program That Computes College Tuition Homework Help

Are you a novice at writing Java programs? Do you need a helping hand with your code? Programming Homework Help boasts of top-level Java homework tutors. Our coders are immensely experienced and understands the functions, methods, and loops in Java. If you need professional Java program that computes college tuition homework help, then get in touch with us. The codes curated by our Java homework helpers are error-free and well documented. Your professor will have no choice but to award you a decent grade.

A Generic Program That Computes Total College Costs Per Semester

A certain college tuition rate is $300 per credit. Using the following tables data, write a generic program to compute the total college costs per semester.
Total Credits Taken Per Semester Discount
0-10 0%
11-15 8%
16-25 12%
Registration categories Registration Fee
Early $50.00
On time $75.00
Late $100.00

User Input

For early registration, type 1, for registration on time, type 2, for late registration, type 3 2
Enter the total credits student is taking 12

Expected Output

Registration fee $75.00
Tuition cost $3,312.00
Total $3,387.00

Java Code Solution

package marv.project7;
public class Registration {
    // Entry point of the program
public static void main(String[] args) {
final double TUITION_RATE_PER_CREDIT = 300;
doubleregistrationFee, discountRate;
doubletuitionCost, totalCost;
DecimalFormatdecimalFormat = new DecimalFormat("#,###.00");
        Scanner kb = new Scanner(System.in);
System.out.println("For early registration, type 1\n"
                + "For registration on time, type 2\n"
                + "For late registration, type 3");
registrationType = kb.nextInt();
switch (registrationType) {
case 1:
registrationFee = 50;
case 2:
registrationFee = 75;
case 3:
registrationFee = 100;
registrationFee = 0;
System.out.println("Enter the total credits student is taking");
numCredits = kb.nextInt();
if(numCredits>= 16) {
discountRate = 0.12;
        } else if(numCredits>= 11) {
discountRate = 0.08;
        } else {
discountRate = 0;
tuitionCost = TUITION_RATE_PER_CREDIT * numCredits;
discountAmount = tuitionCost * discountRate;
totalCost = tuitionCost - discountAmount + registrationFee;
System.out.println("Registration fee\t$" + decimalFormat.format(registrationFee));
System.out.println("Tuition cost\t$" + decimalFormat.format(tuitionCost - discountAmount));
System.out.println("Total\t$" + decimalFormat.format(totalCost));
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