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Lyrics Management Assignment Solution Help using C#

Problem 1

Write a C# assignment where you manager has put you in charge of the lyrics videos for the monthly lip synch contest. Each contestant “sings” along with a song of their choice, prompted by the lyrics in the video. Essentially, there is a long list of songs, along with associated URLs and other information. Your manager has some basic functionality in mind, such as the ability to add and remove songs, as well as create playlists and show the videos. The application must run fast, and be updated with new features over time. Maintenance is key!


AddButton_Click Code

privatevoidAddSong_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(outputText.Text); stringnl = "\r\n"; if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(titleText.Text)) { MessageBox.Show("Title can not be blank"); } elseif (string.IsNullOrEmpty(artistText.Text)) { MessageBox.Show("Artis can not be blank"); } elseif (string.IsNullOrEmpty(genreText.Text)) { MessageBox.Show("Genre can not be blank"); } elseif (string.IsNullOrEmpty(yearText.Text)) { MessageBox.Show("Year can not be blank"); } elseif (string.IsNullOrEmpty(urlText.Text)) { MessageBox.Show("URL can not be blank"); } else { sb.Append(titleText.Text); sb.Append(nl); sb.Append(artistText.Text); sb.Append(nl); sb.Append(genreText.Text); sb.Append(nl); sb.Append(yearText.Text); sb.Append(nl); sb.Append(urlText.Text); sb.Append(nl); outputText.Text = sb.ToString(); songList.Items.Add(titleText.Text); MessageBox.Show("Song added!"); } }

AllSongsButton_Click Code

privatevoidallSongsButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { outputText.Text = ""; StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(outputText.Text); stringnl = "\r\n"; foreach(var item insongList.Items) { sb.Append(item.ToString()); sb.Append(nl); } outputText.Text = sb.ToString(); }


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