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Masters in computer science

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Christopher Hemmingway.

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A software engineer from Sweden with 7+ years’ experience providing help with various hardware and software projects. I am in love with writing code since I discovered that I have a passion for developing Software. I have a passion for developing apps for desktop and mobile platforms. I also love helping students with challenging homework on Haskell and Prolog. Programmiinghomeworkhep.com has provided me with a platform where I could help students with their homework, and I have been with them for the past two years. I think this was the best move in my life. I give you my word of honor that I always ensure you avail of the best client benefits from us during the meticulous product development process.

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Database Design and Implementation for the Student Information System

Business Rules

The chosen functionality within the Student Information System is delimited to the enrollment of students for a course. The following are the business rules that are put into assumptions:

  1. Every student is given a unique ID upon registration. They are only registered once but they can enroll in many courses that are offered within a semester.
  2. The university has a list of courses that are offered every semester in every year. Some courses are offered and some are not.
  3. Each course that is offered is taught by a faculty member however a faculty member can teach many courses for a semester in a year. 
  4. An offered course will finally go on if there are at least 1 enrolled student but of course, an offered course can accommodate many enrolled students.
  5. For every enrolled course of a student in a semester, they get a grade (GPA) which indicates whether they passed or not. If they do fail, then they can re-enroll again the course on the next incoming semester when it opens.

The Student Information System is big but this project only covers the enrollment of the student. It does not cover other details such as student payments, details of faculty information, detailed courses and prerequisites, teaching assistants, and so on. There might also be other missing attributes that have not been included but the above business rules and functionality would suffice to cover the minimum requirements of the information system.

Importance of Data Model

When we do database design and implementation, we follow basic engineering steps. We do not dive right away into implementing and work on it as we go on. This is going to be costly in resources and time especially if it goes unplanned. There will be a lot of unexpected changes because of technicalities.

It is recommended to the first start with a design in which we do the data model. In this phase, we study and analyze the data that is going to be captured, how they are going to be stored and retrieved efficiently and effectively. The data model would serve as a blueprint when implementing it in an actual database. We can think of this similar to building a house where engineers start designing and formulating an architectural blueprint then gives it to other engineers later on to implement and build a house after the model underwent scrutiny.

In cases that the database has to be re-created, to be migrated, or to be re-designed then the model will play a huge role because it will save a lot of time.