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OpenGL Homework Help Expert

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OpenGL homework help expert


Don’t have sleepless nights over your OpenGL homework. I am a professional OpenGL homework help expert giving a helping hand to students in their homework. Over the last 8 years, I have been working with programminghomeworkhelp.com ensuring that students get better grades in their homework. During this time I have helped thousands of students get better grades. Over this period I have been working with students my focus has been on quality, timely and affordable delivery. I give a money-back guarantee to all students I work with that if I do not deliver the homework on time I will refund their money. If you are looking to get OpenGL homework help, contact me for quality work.

Geometric Transformations Homework Helper

I'm a proficient geometric transformations homework helper with enough experience to see that you get the best out of your homework. I've puzzled out several geometric transformation questions in simple and complex syllabuses. My full understanding of all the concepts on this topic makes me a pantomath in the field. Ask me for assistance with all types of Affine transformations, concatenation, matrix stacks, and all the other academic branches of this topic and you'll get help. I also have content delivery experience, which means you can come for top-quality online classes, too.

OpenGL Color Manipulation Expert

A record number of students dread this topic for its wide coverage and complex combination of study fields. But while most of them come for help online, there aren't sufficient experts to meet their needs. That's why I left my former job to start working as an online OpenGL Color Manipulation expert. With an exhaustive understanding of all the topics, I can provide any type of academic assistance on the topic. So, whether you need me to solve your homework or teach you how to implement various stuff, I'll be more than happy to help. Some of the topics I've recently dealt with are;
  • Color transformations
  • Color perception
  • Models

Brilliant OpenGL Shading Homework Solver

I'm most students' source of accurate and original solutions in OpenGL Shading questions. My experience as an OpenGL Shading homework solver has equipped me with knowledge on how to answer questions perfectly, obey deadlines, serve students professionally, and craft easy-to-follow solutions. I've also amassed experience in rendering tutoring services online so that students get more customized explanations of facts for easy understanding of concepts online. I understand how to do Phong shading, illumination, surface modeling, and Polygon shading among related topics.

Ardent OpenGL Rasterization Specialist

Rasterization is the process of breaking individual Primitives into fragments based on coverage of the underlying primitive. In learning how to implement various processes under Rasterization, students need to understand polygonal fill, BitBlt, and Bresenham's algorithm, among other topics. However, most students can't find a balance between their day-to-day life chores and academic obligations. That's why they need an OpenGL Rasterization Specialist like me by their side. Luckily, I'm available to hire for help with all types of OpenGL problems in Rasterization. You can't fail with my assistance on this topic that I love.

Discrete Techniques Homework Expert

"Who can do my discrete techniques homework online," I hear you ask. Well, this is what I've been doing perfectly for the past 7+ years, and I'm ready to help you. I understand everything about texture mapping, compositing, bitmaps, buffers, and other topics. I'm one of the best discrete techniques homework experts to work with if you need guaranteed success on your forthcoming homework and exams. I do puzzling homework, teach online, and provide academic counseling to all students who need it. My rates are modest and service, quickest. Come now and you won't ever go wrong with your future homework or exam. Meanwhile, thanks for stopping by to check my expert profile.
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Creating a class in C++

#include #include #include "GreenMonkey.h" using namespace std; // Identifiers vectorcreate_troop(int size); void age_troop(vector&troop); void feed_troop(vector&troop); void engage_troop(vector&troop); void statistics_on_troop(vector troop); int main() { // Generate a troop of N monkeys vector troop = create_troop(50); for (int i = 0; i< 4; i++) age_troop(troop); for (int i = 0; i< 6; i++) feed_troop(troop); for (int i = 0; i< 8; i++) engage_troop(troop); statistics_on_troop(troop); return 0; } vectorcreate_troop(int size) { vector troop; for (int i = 0; i< size; i++) { string name = "Monkey " + i; // use a default name for the constructor GreenMonkeymonkey(1.0, 10, name); monkey.assign_age_weight(1, 10, 1.0, 100.0); monkey.assign_gender(); monkey.assign_name(monkey.getGender()); troop.push_back(monkey); } return troop; } void age_troop(vector&troop) { for (int i = 0; i&troop) { for (int i = 0; i& troop) { // select two random monkeys int i1 = rand() % (troop.size() - 1); int i2 = rand() % (troop.size() - 1); GreenMonkey monkey1 = troop[i1]; GreenMonkey monkey2 = troop[i2]; if (monkey1.getGender() == monkey2.getGender()) // same gender { if (monkey1.getAge() < monkey2.getAge()) monkey1.fight(monkey2); else if (monkey2.getAge() < monkey1.getAge()) monkey2.fight(monkey1); else { //randomize fight int r = rand() % 2 + 1; if (r == 1) // monkey 1 fight 2 monkey1.fight(monkey2); else monkey2.fight(monkey1); } } else { // mate monkeys if (!monkey1.isMutant() && !monkey2.isMutant()) { float weight = ((float)rand() / RAND_MAX) * (2.5 - 0.5) + 0.5; int mutant_chance = rand() % 100 + 1; GreenMonkeychild(0, weight, "Child"); if (mutant_chance<= 2) child.setMutant(true); } } troop[i1] = monkey1; troop[i2] = monkey2; } void statistics_on_troop(vector troop) { // count alive male monkeys older than 1 int male_alive = 0; int female_alive = 0; int mutant = 0; int monkeys_1year = 0; int male_dead = 0; int female_dead = 0; for (int i = 0; i 1) male_alive++; if (monkey.isAlive() &&monkey.getGender() == 'F' &&monkey.getAge() > 1) female_alive++; if (monkey.isMutant() &&monkey.getAge() <= 1) mutant++; if (monkey.getAge() <= 1) monkeys_1year++; if (!monkey.isAlive() &&monkey.getGender() == 'M') male_dead++; if (!monkey.isAlive() &&monkey.getGender() == 'F') male_dead++; } cout<< "Number of male alive monkeys older than 1 year: " < #include #include #include using namespace std; GreenMonkey::GreenMonkey(float weight_, int age_, string name_) { weight = weight_; age = age_; name = name_; } void GreenMonkey::print() { // Display the variables cout<< "Name: " << name < names; string file_name; if (gender == 'M') // open M_names.txt file_name = "M_names.txt"; else file_name = "F_names.txt"; ifstreammyfile(file_name); while (getline(myfile, line)) { names.push_back(line); } myfile.close(); // Now pick a name int r = rand() % (names.size() - 1); string chosen_name = names[r]; name = chosen_name; } void GreenMonkey::assign_age_weight(int minage, int maxage, int minweight, int maxweight) { int newage = rand() % maxage + minage; float newweight = rand() % maxweight + minweight; age = newage; weight = newweight; }

Design and object-oriented programming

#include #include using namespace std; class item{ string name; int id; double value; int quantity; public: string getName(){ return name; } void setId(int id){ this->id=id; } void setName(string name){ this->name=name; } void setQuantity(int quantity){ this->quantity=quantity; } int getQuantity(){ return quantity; } double getValue(){ return value; } void setValue(double value){ this->value=value; } bool isAvailable(int requested){ if(requested>quantity){ return false; } return true; } string info(){ return quantity+" "+name+" left in stock at $"+to_string(value)+" item id "+to_string(id); } }; void displayMenu(item inventory[4]){ cout<<("===Menu==="); cout<<("Enter which item you would like to purchase."); for(int i=0;i<4;i++){ cout<<((i+1)+". "+inventory[i].info()); } } int main() { item inventory[4]; int i; int itemsSold=0; string name; int id; int quantity; double value; string option; int choice; string chose; double discount; int request; cout<<("===Welcome to the inventory helper===\n"); cout<<("-store hours will begin shortly-\n"); for(i=1;i<5;i++){ cout<<"Enter item "<>name; inventory[i-1].setName(name); cout<<("Enter product manufacturer's id.\n"); cin>>id; inventory[i-1].setId(id); cout<<("Enter retail value.\n"); cin>>value; inventory[i-1].setValue(value); cout<<("Enter quantity available.\n"); cin>>quantity; inventory[i-1].setQuantity(quantity); } for(i=0;i<4;i++){ cout<>option; while(option=="y"){ if(itemsSold==2){ cout<<("\n2 items sold\n"); cout<<("Sale starting!"); cout<<("Would you like to enter a discount %?(y/n)\n"); cin>>chose; if(chose=="y"){ cout<<("Enter the custom discount percentage.\n"); cin>>discount; for(i=0;i<4;i++){ inventory[i].setValue(((inventory[i].getValue()*(1-discount)*100)/100.0)); cout<<"Price for "<>choice; choice=choice-1; cout<<("Houw many would you like to buy?\n"); cin>>request; while(!inventory[choice].isAvailable(request)){ cout<<"Not enough "<>request; } cout<<"SOLD "<>option; } cout<<("Closing shop -- inventory left\n"); for(i=0;i<4;i++){ cout<