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Java tutors in the USAJava is a computing language designed for the development of desktop and mobile applications, embedded systems, and the processing of big data. Introduced in 1995, Java is so much like C and C + + but easier to use because it enforces the object-oriented programming model. One ...

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Are You Troubled with Your Java Programming Homework?Java programming language was derived from C but is more flexible and compatible with multiple platforms. Java’s true power lies within people’s ability to manipulate the objects and variables within a program, which is why it is considered an obj...

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Why You May Seriously Need Help With Java Programming Homework?How well are you conversant with Java programming? Given Java homework, can you handle it correctly for impressive results? Well, if you can not, there is a need to seek help with the Java programming homework. Also, even after get...

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Improving Your Java Coding Skills by Learning How to DebugIt is no secret that most students spend a lot of time debugging rather than writing their Java code. In most universities and colleges, professors will only teach you the concepts of coding in Java and not how to fix the defects in your soft...

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Professional Java Homework helper

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Professional Java Homework helper


Are your Java homework beginning to worry you because you can’t figure out how to get them done before the stated deadline? Relax. I render Java homework help services and would be happy to work on that homework on your behalf so that you can have time to focus on other areas of your life. I have worked as a Java homework helper for more than eight years, which has given me the knowledge, skills, and expertise that I need to tackle Java projects of different complexity levels. Since I joined this company, I have delivered more than 1950 successful Java homework orders to students from all parts of the world. I have a keen eye for detail, and this enables me to produce deliverables that meet my clients’ expectations. I also have great respect for deadlines and always make sure all solutions are delivered within the specified time. Looking forward to working with you.

Program Control Flow Homework Help Expert

Share your difficulties in understanding or solving homework around program control flow in Java with me and get lasting solutions. I boast comprehensive insight and experience into this subject matter's concepts. My experience with the subject includes working as an online control flow homework helper and tutor to all students no matter their level of study of Java. I can solve questions about Jump, Repetition, and Sequence Structures, among others. My solutions are not only correct but also educative due to their concise nature. I build each solution from scratch to ensure that it is correct, original, and easy to use as a source of reference for seamless learning.

Best Object-Based Programming Homework Helper

This is one of the largest study fields of the Java syllabus; no wonder most students ask for assistance on it. Luckily, I understand all the concepts concerned with object-based programming in Java. With much experience as an object-based programming homework helper online, I've tackled very many challenging questions from different fields. Therefore, I have deeper insight than any ordinary Java expert. A few sub-topics from which questions mostly spring are;
  • Instance variables and methods
  • Package creation
  • Member access modifiers
  • Finalizers
  • Composition

Seasoned Graphical User Interface Specialist

Ask for my support with any GUI concept in Java and enjoy guaranteed success on all your future exams. I'm proud to be a seasoned Java graphical user interface specialist with experience in solving uncountable homework and teaching myriads of students online. Therefore, the topic is a walkover to me, so you don't expect any disappointing grades from my side. You can get help with window components, adapter classes, and layout managers among all the other topics. Don't hesitate to ask for explanations or revision events with me.

Classes and Collections Tutor Online

Are you struggling with questions on classes and collections in Java? Look no further for help with Java class design, generic class creation, sorting & searching, and other fields under the concept. I will help you find the right solutions to your homework, learn how to perform various actions, and get the best grades in your future tests. With me, you spend the least amount for the greatest grades. You also get to learn from my detailed solutions and enjoy time-conscious service all the time. Therefore, ask me to help you improve your GPA and you'll see the change as soon as you contact me.

Peerless Strings and Recursion Maven

If you can't comprehend or solve any question on strings and recursion in Java, reach me and I'll help you ace your homework. I understand how to implement string processing, use regular expressions, explain input and output fundamentals, and deal with exceptions and assertions. I'm good at writing concise solutions for homework, as well as teaching students. My services come at low prices and I never let my students down with their deadlines. You can confirm my success rate by browsing my profile. Likewise, feel free to ask me for samples of my past work and I'll share them appropriately. Thanks.
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Data types in Java

class Artifact { private String Name; private int ArtifactID; private int ArtifactYear; private int AcquiredYear; private double Value; public Artifact() { Name = "ARTIFACT"; ArtifactID = 0; ArtifactYear = 0; AcquiredYear = 0; Value = 0; } public Artifact(String Name, int ArtifactID, int ArtifactYear, int AcquiredYear, double Value) { setName(Name); setArtifactID(ArtifactID); setArtifactYear(ArtifactYear); setAcquiredYear(AcquiredYear); setValue(Value); } public void setName(String Name) { this.Name = Name; } public void setArtifactID(int ArtifactID) { this.ArtifactID = ArtifactID; } public void setArtifactYear(int ArtifactYear) { this.ArtifactYear = ArtifactYear; } public void setAcquiredYear(int AcquiredYear) { this.AcquiredYear = AcquiredYear; } public void setValue(double Value) { this.Value = Value; } public String getName() { return Name; } public int getArtifactID() { return ArtifactID; } public int getArtifactYear() { return ArtifactYear; } public int getAcquiredYear() { return AcquiredYear; } public double getValue() { return Value; } public String toString() { return "*********************************************************\nName: " + Name + "\nArtifactID: " + ArtifactID + "\nArtifactYear: " + ArtifactYear + "\nAcquiredYear: " + AcquiredYear + "\nValue: " + Value+"\n"; } } import java.io.File; import java.io.FileNotFoundException; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.Scanner; import java.io.FileWriter; import java.io.IOException; public class Lab09MuseumArtifacts { public static void main(String[] args) { ArrayList< Artifact > artifacts = new ArrayList< Artifact > (); try { File ArtifactData = new File("D:\\My Stuff\\eclipse\\temp\\src\\temp\\ArtifactData.txt"); Scanner ArtifactDataReader = new Scanner(ArtifactData); while (ArtifactDataReader.hasNextLine()) { String data = ArtifactDataReader.nextLine(); String[] dataArray = data.split(" "); artifacts.add(new Artifact(dataArray[0], Integer.parseInt(dataArray[1]), Integer.parseInt(dataArray[2]), Integer.parseInt(dataArray[3]), Double.parseDouble(dataArray[4]))); } ArtifactDataReader.close(); } catch (FileNotFoundException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } try { FileWriterArtifactMaster = new FileWriter("D:\\My Stuff\\eclipse\\temp\\src\\temp\\ArtifactMaster.txt"); FileWriterArtifactError = new FileWriter("D:\\My Stuff\\eclipse\\temp\\src\\temp\\ArtifactError.txt"); int errorRecordCount=0; int validRecordCount=0; for (int i = 0; i 2020) { errors = errors + "Artifact Year must be less than 2020\n"; } if (artifact.getAcquiredYear() <= 1899) { errors = errors + "Acquired Year must be greater than 1899\n"; } if (artifact.getAcquiredYear() 2020) { errors = errors + "Acquired Year must be less than or equal to 2020\n"; } if (artifact.getValue() < 0) { errors = errors + "Artifact value must be greater than zero\n"; } if(!errors.equals("")) { if(errorRecordCount==0) { ArtifactError.write(artifact.toString()+"##########ERRORS########\n"+errors); } else { ArtifactError.append(artifact.toString()+"##########ERRORS########\n"+errors); } System.out.print(artifact.toString()+"##########ERRORS########\n"+errors); errorRecordCount++; } else { if(validRecordCount==0) { ArtifactMaster.write(artifact.toString()); } else { ArtifactMaster.append(artifact.toString()); } System.out.print(artifact.toString()); validRecordCount++; } } System.out.println("\nGood Records: "+validRecordCount); System.out.println("Records with errors: "+errorRecordCount); ArtifactMaster.close(); ArtifactError.close(); } catch (IOException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } } }

Varuable Contolled While LOOP

import java.util.Scanner; public class Main { public static void main(String[] args) { // TODO Auto-generated method stub // First of all, define the scanner Scanner sc = new Scanner(System.in); // Define helper variables String userName = ""; int user_option; int stop = 0; // this variable will tell the while-loop when to end // In order to keep asking the user for the name (in case h/she wants to re-enter it), we have // to use a while loop, that will be cancelled when the user enters "No" while(stop == 0) { // User user for name System.out.print("Please enter your name: "); userName = sc.next(); // Ask if user wants to re-enter its name int invalid_option = 1; // variable equals to 1 if the option entered is invalid while(invalid_option == 1) { System.out.print(userName + " do you want to re-enter your name? Yes=1/No=0: "); user_option = sc.nextInt(); if(user_option == 1) // user entered Yes invalid_option = 0; else if(user_option == 0) // user entered No { invalid_option = 0; stop = 1; // stop the main loop } else System.out.println("Invalid option. Please enter Yes=1/No=0"); } } // If user do not want to re-enter its name, the program terminates and the farewell message is displayed System.out.println("Have a great day " + userName); // close scanner sc.close(); } } /* */