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Professional JavaScript Assignment Helper and Tutor
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Professional JavaScript Assignment Helper and Tutor

Georgia, USA

Aggie J

PhD. in Programming, Western Washington University, USA


Professional JavaScript Assignment Helper and Tutor


I am a professional JavaScript assignment helper who has been providing college and university students with the required academic support for close to ten years. I have vast knowledge and skills in various JavaScript concepts including currying, hoisting, JavaScript Closures, IIFE, JavaScript prototype, module patterns, memorization, polymorphism, callback functions, and many others. I can confidently tackle any assignment revolving around any of these concepts and produce a solution that not only scores you a decent grade but also helps you with your revisions and exam preparations. Over the period that I have been providing help with JavaScript assignments, I have developed a unique approach that enables me to complete projects quickly, all the while maintaining the perfect quality. With me, you will enjoy top-quality solutions delivered in a timely manner. That’s not all, you can also hire me for online tutoring. I work at your pace to make sure that you understand all the areas that you are having problems with.

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