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C-Language Program to Create Recipe Management System Assignment Solution.


Write a C assignment program to create recipe management system.

Requirements and Specifications

program to create recipe management system in C-language

Source Code

/* Ex 3 Queries from a Business Purpose */

/* In Ex 1 you inserted data into the IT Asset Management (ITAM) schema tables

of user jaherna42. In Ex 2 you wrote wrote select command with explicit join

syntax. The tasks for this exercise refer to the ITAM tables of user jaherna42

schema on the class server.

Before a task is presented to you here, an example from the Murach book is

given that is somewhat similar (structurally) to the query you need to write

for the task. The example from Murach refers to the AP tables of user ap or

user jdoe22. The task that follows the example refers to the ITAM business

process and schema.

The deliverable for this exercise is a Word document named

ex3_lastname_firstname_section#.docx. Put your name and the exercise number

(Ex 3) as a heading in a Word document as you begin the exercise.*/

/*Here in the exercise instructions, you are prompted to (1) complete tasks,

(2) take screen shots that document your hands-on work and insert them into

the deliverable document, and/or (3) write something in the deliverable

document. Use a tool to capture just the portion of the screen you need to

document your work.

Whenever you capture work with a screenshot, include your name in the

screenshot. This guideline applies to any screenshots you take to document your

hands-on work throughout the semester. You may not get credit for something if

you do not include your name as requested.*/

/*Connect to the class server using your assigned username.*/

/* For each task, do not get data from the it_asset_inv_summary table

unless the task specifically asks you to do so. */

/*Example 1: Murach Chapter 4 #3 tells you to write a SELECT statement that

returns three columns from two different tables. A business reason that a

manager might state for the query is, "I need a list of vendors and a

description of what type of product they normally sell us. By that I mean, you

know, the description of how the things we usually buy from them are categorized

in our accounting system." */

select v.vendor_name, gla.account_description

from jdoe22.vendors v join jdoe22.general_ledger_accounts gla

on v.default_account_number=gla.account_number;

/* Task 1. Your manager says, "I need a list of all our employees and their cell

mobile phone numbers. Put the list in alphabetical order by their last name

followed by their first name initial. Then put their cell number and, last, put

which department they work in. At the top of each column put Employee Name, Cell

No., and Department."

In addition to your name and your query, your screenshot should include the

All Rows Fetched: n in x.xxx seconds response from Oracle C-language Developer. Make

sure n is the total number of rows fetched by scrolling to the end of the

returned data. Include about 5 records of returned data (does not have to be

exactly 5). */

--Task 1 Employee List

--Type Your Name Here

/* Task 2. Your manager says, "Get me descriptions of different IT assets we

have i#include




// Create a struct that will help us store recipes

struct Recipe


char title[100];

char ingredients[100][100];

char instructions[100][100];

int n_ingredients;

int n_instructions;


int main(int argc, char** argv) {

char *filename; // store filename here

char line[200]; // store lines read from file

FILE *fin;

int data;

// Create array to store recipes

struct Recipe recipes[100]; // up to 100 recipes

struct Recipe recipe; // store each recipe read from file

recipe.n_ingredients = 0;

recipe.n_instructions = 0;

int n = 0;

// Get filename

int opt;

while ((opt = getopt(argc, argv, "f:")) != -1)


switch (opt)


case 'f':

filename = optarg;




//strncpy(filename, argv[1], strlen(argv[1]));

fin = fopen(filename, "r");

while(fgets(line, 200, fin)) {

//printf("LINE %s\n", line);

//fscanf(fin, "%s", line);

if(line[0] == '+') // it is a title


if(strlen(recipe.title) > 0) { // cuyrrent recipe is not null

recipes[n] = recipe;


recipe.n_ingredients = 0;

recipe.n_instructions = 0;

memset(&recipe.title[0], 0, sizeof(recipe.title));


char* title = line+1;

strncpy(recipe.title, title, strlen(title)-1);


else if(line[0] == '*') // an ingredient


char* ing = line+1;

strncpy(recipe.ingredients[recipe.n_ingredients], ing, strlen(ing)-1);



else if(line[0] == '-')


char* inst = line+1;

strncpy(recipe.instructions[recipe.n_instructions], inst, strlen(inst)-1);



else if(strcmp(line, "END") == 0) {

recipes[n] = recipe;




line[0] = 0;



printf("%s contains %d recipes:\n", filename, n);

int nstr;

char user_input;

int option;

while(1) {

// Display recipes


for(int i = 0; i < n; i++) {

printf("[%d] %s\n", i+1, recipes[i].title);



printf("Please select the number of the recipe, or 'q' to quit: ");

scanf(" %c", &user_input);

if(user_input == 'q') {

printf("Good Bye!");


} else {

option = user_input - '0';

if(option >= 1 && option <= n) {

recipe = recipes[option-1];

// Display title

nstr = strlen(recipe.title);

for(int j = 0; j < nstr; j++) {




printf("%s\n", recipe.title);

for(int j = 0; j < nstr; j++) {





for(int i = 0; i < recipe.n_ingredients; i++) {

printf("%s\n", recipe.ingredients[i]);




for(int i = 0; i < recipe.n_instructions; i++) {

printf("%s\n", recipe.instructions[i]);





return 0;