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Python Program to Create Biological Models Assignment Solution.


Write a program to create biological models in python.

Requirements and Specifications

program to create student estimation in python

Source Code


class Course:


        The following class will be used to represent a Course.

        It will contain information about the id, name and pre-requisites


    def __init__(self, id, name):

        self.id = id

        self.name = name

        self.prereqs = []

    def add_prereq(self, course):


    def __str__(self):

        ret = f"{self.id} - {self.name}. Prereqs: ["

        for i in range(len(self.prereqs)):

            ret += str(self.prereqs[i])

            if i < len(self.prereqs) -1:

                ret += ", "

        ret += "]"

        return ret

class Program:


        The following class will be used to represent a Program.

        It will contain information about its name and the courses in it


    def __init__(self, name):

        self.name = name

        self.courses = []

    def add_course(self, course: Course):

        if not course in self.courses:


    def __str__(self):

        ret = f"{self.name}\n"

        ret += "["

        for i in range(len(self.courses)):

            ret += str(self.courses[i])

            if i < len(self.courses) -1:

                ret += ", "

        ret += "]"

        return ret

class Student:


    This class will store the name and a dictionary with the courses and their grades for each student


    def __init__(self, name):

        self.name = name

        self.courses = dict()

    def add_course(self, id, grade):

        if not id in self.courses:

            self.courses[id] = []


    def __str__(self):

        ret = f"Name: {self.name}\n"

        ret += "Grades: " + str(self.courses)

        return ret


import os

from Classes import *

def get_folder() -> str:


    This function will repeatedly prompt user for a folder name.

    If the entered folder is not valid, the program will display and error message and then

    re-prompt the uer until he/she enters a valid folder

    :return: full path of folder (str)


    while True:

        # ask for folder

        folder_name = input("Please enter the name of the sub-folder with files: ")

        # Build full path

        full_path = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), folder_name)

        # Check if path exists

        if os.path.exists(full_path):

            return full_path


            print("This folder does not exists in the current working directory.")

def load_programs(full_path: str) -> list:


    Load the programs' files from the folder

    :param full_path: str containing the path

    :return: list of programs


    # List to store programs

    programs = []

    # First, read the prereqs into a dictionary where the key is the id of the course

    # and the value is a list with the prerequisites of that course

    prereqs = {}

    # Check if there is a file named 'prereqs.txt' in the folder

    if os.path.exists(full_path + "\\prereqs.txt"):

        with open(full_path + "\\prereqs.txt", 'r') as file:

            lines = file.readlines()

            for line in lines:

                row = line.split(":")

                parent_course = row[0].strip()

                child_courses = row[1].strip().split(" ")

                prereqs[parent_course] = child_courses

    # List all files in folder

    for f in os.listdir(full_path):

        # Check if the name of the file contains then word 'program'

        if "program" in f:

            # Read file

            file_path = full_path + "\\" + f

            with open(file_path, 'r') as file:

                lines = file.readlines()

                program_name = lines[0].strip()

                program = Program(program_name)

                # Read courses

                for i in range(1, len(lines)):

                    course_data = lines[i].strip().split(" ")

                    course = Course(int(course_data[0]), course_data[1])

                    # Check if this course has prerequisites

                    if course.id in prereqs:

                        course.prereqs += prereqs[course.id]

                    # Add course to program


                # Finally, save the program into the list


    return programs

def load_students(full_path: str) -> list:


    This function will iterate through all grades files in the folder

    and get the name of each student with the grade for that course

    :param full_path: str

    :return: List of students


    # List to store students

    students = []

    # List all files in folder

    for f in os.listdir(full_path):

        # Check if the name of the file does not contains 'program' or 'prereqs'

        if not "program" in f and not "prereqs" in f:

            # Read file

            file_path = full_path + "\\" + f

            with open(file_path, 'r') as file:

                lines = file.readlines()

                # Get course name and id from first line

                course_name = lines[0].strip()

                course_id = int(course_name[1:]) # Ignore first chat which is a 'c'

                # iterate through students

                for i in range(1, len(lines)):

                    row = lines[i].strip().split(" ")

                    student_name = row[0].strip()

                    grade = float(row[1].strip())

                    # Check if student is already in the list

                    student = None

                    found = False

                    for st in students:

                        if st.name == student_name:

                            student = st

                            found = True


                    if student is None: # student is not in the list

                        student = Student(student_name)

                    student.add_course(course_id, grade)

                    if not found:


    return students

def get_approved_students(program, students):


    Given the program and the students list, get all students that are elegibel for a degree in the current program

    :param program: Program

    :param students: list of Student

    :return: list of approved students


    approved_students = []

    # Loop through students

    program_courses_required = set([x.id for x in program.courses])

    for student in students:

        # Loop through all student's courses

        approved = set() # Store here all approved courses by student

        for course_id in student.courses:

            if course_id in program_courses_required: # The course approved by student is in the program's requirements


        # Finally, check if both sets are equal

        if approved == program_courses_required:


    return approved_students

if __name__ == '__main__':

    # Get folder name

    full_path = get_folder()

    # Load programs

    programs = load_programs(full_path)

    # Load students

    students = load_students(full_path)

    # Begin with program and re-prompt user until s/he press enters

    while True:

        program_name = input("Enter program name or press enter to stop: ")

        # If the input is empty, it means user pressed enter to exist

        if len(program_name) == 0:



        # Get the program

        program = None

        for p in programs:

            if p.name == program_name:

                program = p


        # If program is still None, it means the user entered a program name that does not exists

        if program != None:

            approved = get_approved_students(program, students)

            print(f"{len(approved)} students are elegible for degree in {program_name}")

            for st in approved:



            print("There is no program with that name.")