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Python Program to Create Biological Models Assignment Solution.


Write a Python assignment program to create biological models in Python. In this assignment, you'll be tasked with implementing a program that constructs various biological models using Python programming concepts. You'll explore topics such as genetic algorithms, population simulations, and ecological interactions. This assignment aims to enhance your coding skills while also deepening your understanding of biological processes. By completing this task, you will not only strengthen your Python proficiency but also gain insights into the application of computational methods in the field of biology. Dive into this engaging assignment and uncover the fascinating relationship between programming and biology.

Requirements and Specifications

program to create student estimation in python

Source Code


class Course:


        The following class will be used to represent a Course.

        It will contain information about the id, name and pre-requisites


    def __init__(self, id, name):

        self.id = id

        self.name = name

        self.prereqs = []

    def add_prereq(self, course):


    def __str__(self):

        ret = f"{self.id} - {self.name}. Prereqs: ["

        for i in range(len(self.prereqs)):

            ret += str(self.prereqs[i])

            if i < len(self.prereqs) -1:

                ret += ", "

        ret += "]"

        return ret

class Program:


        The following class will be used to represent a Program.

        It will contain information about its name and the courses in it


    def __init__(self, name):

        self.name = name

        self.courses = []

    def add_course(self, course: Course):

        if not course in self.courses:


    def __str__(self):

        ret = f"{self.name}\n"

        ret += "["

        for i in range(len(self.courses)):

            ret += str(self.courses[i])

            if i < len(self.courses) -1:

                ret += ", "

        ret += "]"

        return ret

class Student:


    This class will store the name and a dictionary with the courses and their grades for each student


    def __init__(self, name):

        self.name = name

        self.courses = dict()

    def add_course(self, id, grade):

        if not id in self.courses:

            self.courses[id] = []


    def __str__(self):

        ret = f"Name: {self.name}\n"

        ret += "Grades: " + str(self.courses)

        return ret


import os

from Classes import *

def get_folder() -> str:


    This function will repeatedly prompt user for a folder name.

    If the entered folder is not valid, the program will display and error message and then

    re-prompt the uer until he/she enters a valid folder

    :return: full path of folder (str)


    while True:

        # ask for folder

        folder_name = input("Please enter the name of the sub-folder with files: ")

        # Build full path

        full_path = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), folder_name)

        # Check if path exists

        if os.path.exists(full_path):

            return full_path


            print("This folder does not exists in the current working directory.")

def load_programs(full_path: str) -> list:


    Load the programs' files from the folder

    :param full_path: str containing the path

    :return: list of programs


    # List to store programs

    programs = []

    # First, read the prereqs into a dictionary where the key is the id of the course

    # and the value is a list with the prerequisites of that course

    prereqs = {}

    # Check if there is a file named 'prereqs.txt' in the folder

    if os.path.exists(full_path + "\\prereqs.txt"):

        with open(full_path + "\\prereqs.txt", 'r') as file:

            lines = file.readlines()

            for line in lines:

                row = line.split(":")

                parent_course = row[0].strip()

                child_courses = row[1].strip().split(" ")

                prereqs[parent_course] = child_courses

    # List all files in folder

    for f in os.listdir(full_path):

        # Check if the name of the file contains then word 'program'

        if "program" in f:

            # Read file

            file_path = full_path + "\\" + f

            with open(file_path, 'r') as file:

                lines = file.readlines()

                program_name = lines[0].strip()

                program = Program(program_name)

                # Read courses

                for i in range(1, len(lines)):

                    course_data = lines[i].strip().split(" ")

                    course = Course(int(course_data[0]), course_data[1])

                    # Check if this course has prerequisites

                    if course.id in prereqs:

                        course.prereqs += prereqs[course.id]

                    # Add course to program


                # Finally, save the program into the list


    return programs

def load_students(full_path: str) -> list:


    This function will iterate through all grades files in the folder

    and get the name of each student with the grade for that course

    :param full_path: str

    :return: List of students


    # List to store students

    students = []

    # List all files in folder

    for f in os.listdir(full_path):

        # Check if the name of the file does not contains 'program' or 'prereqs'

        if not "program" in f and not "prereqs" in f:

            # Read file

            file_path = full_path + "\\" + f

            with open(file_path, 'r') as file:

                lines = file.readlines()

                # Get course name and id from first line

                course_name = lines[0].strip()

                course_id = int(course_name[1:]) # Ignore first chat which is a 'c'

                # iterate through students

                for i in range(1, len(lines)):

                    row = lines[i].strip().split(" ")

                    student_name = row[0].strip()

                    grade = float(row[1].strip())

                    # Check if student is already in the list

                    student = None

                    found = False

                    for st in students:

                        if st.name == student_name:

                            student = st

                            found = True


                    if student is None: # student is not in the list

                        student = Student(student_name)

                    student.add_course(course_id, grade)

                    if not found:


    return students

def get_approved_students(program, students):


    Given the program and the students list, get all students that are elegibel for a degree in the current program

    :param program: Program

    :param students: list of Student

    :return: list of approved students


    approved_students = []

    # Loop through students

    program_courses_required = set([x.id for x in program.courses])

    for student in students:

        # Loop through all student's courses

        approved = set() # Store here all approved courses by student

        for course_id in student.courses:

            if course_id in program_courses_required: # The course approved by student is in the program's requirements


        # Finally, check if both sets are equal

        if approved == program_courses_required:


    return approved_students

if __name__ == '__main__':

    # Get folder name

    full_path = get_folder()

    # Load programs

    programs = load_programs(full_path)

    # Load students

    students = load_students(full_path)

    # Begin with program and re-prompt user until s/he press enters

    while True:

        program_name = input("Enter program name or press enter to stop: ")

        # If the input is empty, it means user pressed enter to exist

        if len(program_name) == 0:



        # Get the program

        program = None

        for p in programs:

            if p.name == program_name:

                program = p


        # If program is still None, it means the user entered a program name that does not exists

        if program != None:

            approved = get_approved_students(program, students)

            print(f"{len(approved)} students are elegible for degree in {program_name}")

            for st in approved:



            print("There is no program with that name.")