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Create a Program to Implement Arrays and Flowchart in C++ Assignment Solution.


Write a C++ assignment program to implement arrays and flowchart.

Requirements and Specifications

  1. Design a program that uses two parallel arrays of one dimension of size 100 each and prompt the user to enter numbers into the arrays. Program should determine whether their contents are identical. For each location at which the items stored are not identical, the program is to print the location (subscript) and the item from each array.
  2. Design a program for ABC part store, you program should have 5 different arrays of size 20 as follows; array of part numbers, array of part descriptions, array of part prices, array of part quantity on hand, array of part total for each item (part) in the store. Program should find a print the whole description, part number, part description, quantity on hand, price of the part and the total inventory of all the parts in the store.
 Can you please do a flow chart ?( just a flow chart ) and each questions are separate and have there own answer
program to implement arrays and flowchart in C++
program to implement arrays and flowchart in C++ 1