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Create a Program to Implement String Manipulation in Python Assignment Solution.


Write a python homework program to implement string manipulation.

Requirements and Specifications

Assignments evaluates understanding student knowledge of manipulating string
  1. Create a Python code file named M6HW_Digit Reading_FirstLast.py (replace "FirstLast" with your own name)
  2. Add a title comment block to the top of the new Python file using the following form
  3. # A brief description of the project

    # Date

    # CSC121 – Digits in String

    # Your Name

  4. Write a program that asks the user to enter a string that contains at least 2 digits.
  5. The program should count and display number of digits in string ( 60 points)
  6. In addition to displaying number of digits in strng, the program should display SUM of all the digits in the string.(30 points)
For example, if user enters "I traveled 2 times in the past 3 days ". The program should notify the user that the string contains 2 digits ( 2 and 3) and that the sum of both is 5.
Submit your finished code solution file(s) through the assignment link below
Grading criteria:
  • Refer to above
  • 10 points for comment/ pseudocode
Note : ONLY USE PROGRAMMING METHODS LEARNED IN CLASS. If submission doesn't comply, you will get a grade of "1".
Source Code
# Python program to calculate sum of numbers present in a string
# Date : 08-04-2022
# CSC121 – Digits in String
# Your Name
#sum the integers numbers
def string_num(test):
temp = "0"
Sum = 0
# read the input string
for digit in test:
# if current character is a digit
if (digit.isdigit()):
temp += digit
# if current character is an alphabet
# increment Sum
Sum += int(temp)
# reset temporary string to empty
temp = "0"
return Sum + int(temp)
# check if the count of the intgers > 2 numbers
def check(s):
nums = []
k = ""
for i in range(len(s)):
if ord(s[i]) > 47 and ord(s[i]) < 58:
k += s[i]
if(k != ""):
k = ""
if(k != ""):
return len(set(nums))
# test
test = "I traveled 2 times in the past 3 days "
# check if the count of the intgers > 2 numbers
if check(test)<2:
print("the count of the integers is less than 2")