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Program To Create a Wheel of Fortune Game in Python Language Assignment Solution.


Write a program to create wheel of fortune game in python language.

Requirements and Specifications

Program to implement wheel of fortune game in python

Source Code and Solution

#!/usr/bin/env python3

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-


Created on Thu Feb 18 20:12:05 2021

@author: rhoover


from random import seed

from random import randint

PhraseList = ["A Vase Of Flowers",

              "American Beauty",

              "A Beautiful Life Jacket",

              "A Dip In The Pool",

              "A Word Search",

              "Baby Ruth Candy Bar",

              "Alcatraz Island",

              "Act Your Age Before Beauty",

              "Bow Tie Score",

              "Bill Clinton Is Impeached"]

CatList = ["Around the House",

           "Classic Movie",

           "Before and After",

           "Fun and Games",

           "Fun and Games",

           "Food and Drink",

           "On the Map",

           "Before and After",

           "Before and After",


Wheel = [-1,800,500,650,500,900,-2,5000,500,600,700,600,650,500,700,500,600,550,


def GeneratePhrase():


    val = randint(0,9)

    return PhraseList[val],CatList[val]