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If you need programming homework help in embedded systems, big data analysis, or machine learning, then look no further. I have a Ph.D. in computer science and I am confident with what I can provide you with. I have been with programming homework helpers and I have provided homework help to more than 1000 students who have always recommended me for the excellent services that I have provided them with. Let's talk and see how I can help solve your data problems!

Talented C Programming Homework Helper

Are you desperately looking for someone to help you score good grades in your C programming homework? You got me! I specialize in rendering accurate and detailed solutions to students' most perplexing exam questions. My coding skills are second to none, and my 10+ years of experience have helped me amass familiarity with the most challenging questions. Therefore, you can confidently rely on me for top-notch grades and never get disappointed. I know all the areas of study in C programming, including and not limited to;
1. Statements
• Decision statements (If and Switch, Repetition statements)
• Loops (Do, Do-while, For)
2. Functions
• User-defined functions
• Inter-function communication
3. Arrays
• One-dimensional
• Two-dimensional
• Multi-dimensional
4. Strings
• String I/O functions
• String conversion

Peerless C++ Expert Programmer

I also double up as a C++ expert programmer who's always willing to help students get the most out of their homework. With over a decade's experience, I'm worth trusting with both homework writing and tutoring services. Therefore, I can help you wrap your head around concepts, as well as ace your most difficult C++ homework. My service comes with obedience to instructions and deadlines, not to mention top-ranking professionalism and easy-to-follow solutions. Likewise, good grades are guaranteed when you're working with me but you don't have to break the bank for my services. Some of the units that I mostly deal with under C++ include;
o Defining and calling functions
o Arrays, pointers, and strings
o Classes and objects
o Overloading and templates
o Class extension via inheritance

Ardent Java Programming Homework Solver

Another dreaded programming language in which I'm an unparalleled expert is Java. I enjoy my online job as a Java programming homework solver because one of my hobbies is to share knowledge with students who're thirsty for it. Therefore, don't suffer in silence when you can get assistance from me while neither spending too much money nor wasting time and money on people who use trial and error to find solutions. Utilize my expertise to ace your exams in all Java topics like Interfaces, File I/O, Threads, Classes, Objects, and other study areas.

Unmatched JavaScript Specialist

When it comes to completing challenging JavaScript programming homework, you can't go wrong with my help. I've served over 500 students with top JavaScript homework grades over several years. My service is open to students from all parts of the world. Therefore, feel free to ask me for help no matter your topic of difficulty or level of study of the programming language. I possess deep knowledge of the whole range of topics under JavaScript, including simple and advanced study areas. That's why you're free to ask me for assistance with any topic, including but not limited to the following;
1. Conditionals and loops
o Short-circuiting
o Ternary operators
o For...loop syntax
2. Variables, arrays, and operators
o Google Chrome Dev tools
o Constants
o Variable naming
3. Event handlers and listeners
o On-Event handlers
o Timers
o The add event listener
4. HTML document object model
o Type selectors
o CSS selectors
o ID selectors
5. Errors and exceptions
o Structured error handling
o Custom errors
o Runtime errors

Talented PHP Programming Homework Help Provider

Do you have any difficulty solving a question or comprehending a concept in your PHP coursework? Have you considered asking for help from a talented PHP programming homework help provider online? If you answer with yes to both questions, you need someone like me to help you excel. Well, I'm willing to do your PHP homework and or help you understand whatever isn't clear to you on the course. With experience as a PHP tutor, I can surely get you the highest grades from your homework because I understand exactly what's needed to excel in exams. Therefore, come to me for help with the following topics, and more;
 Variables
 Control structures
 Regular expressions
 Arrays
 Object-oriented programming
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A comparison between procedural and object-oriented programming

This report will discuss the difference between a procedural programming language and an object-oriented programming language. The writeup is based on the experience of the developer on writing a program using 2 different programming languages specifically C and Java.

The mentality of solving a problem differs between procedural and object-oriented paradigm. C is a procedural programming language where the developer has to break down the problem into modules (or also known as procedures). Each of these modules performs a specific task and then they work with other modules to meet a goal. On the other hand, the object-oriented paradigm is focused on what objects does the developer need to solve the problem.

When it comes to organizing the code both paradigm differs. In the procedural version of the solution, the modules are independent and we can call them when needed. We pass parameter values to these modules as an input and then it is up to the module to do its task and returns a result. The object-oriented version is different because we think of objects, their properties, and including methods of what they can do. The object-oriented paradigm encapsulates this information so it is easier for the developer to visualize the overall architecture of the program. The procedural approach's architecture can also be visualized through a block hierarchy diagram where we see a top-down chart diagram showing which module uses each module in the program. So we can see that the procedural approach has procedures distributed throughout while object-oriented has the objects distributed.

Knowing which is better is a personal opinion. Some people think more effectively using procedures and some are more effective solving programs using an object-oriented approach. In my personal opinion, solving the program using the procedural approach is easier because the focus is towards the functionality of the project and we simply put re-usable codes as a separate function for efficiency then we code as we go. Meanwhile, the object-oriented approach starts first by identifying the objects, thinking what should these objects hold, thinking about their functions. Once these objects are identified, we then think about how to solve the problem by making these objects work together. For someone more of a logical thinker, it will take them some time to get used to the object-oriented approach. We can see here that the object-oriented approach is more of an art because we are designing the elegance of the code. It takes a longer time to solve problems with object-oriented programming but it pays off when it comes to code maintenance and scaling. Object-oriented programming is easier to maintain because of how organized the code is made and they follow a principle (encapsulation, polymorphism, classes, inheritance, and so on). These principles are forced to be followed by developers when doing a project. Once these teams of developers follow a common principle, it makes it a breeze to work and scale on code. Many software frameworks nowadays are built using an object-oriented approach and many industries adopt it because of the features it provides.

Ironic as it seems but doing this simple project is supposedly be easier and faster to do using C language because of the procedural approach. However, it turned out that doing the project is easier in Java using the object-oriented paradigm. It is not that the procedural paradigm is the problem but rather it is because it is “C programming language” which lacks modules/procedures that would make the programming easier. The C programming language lacks data structures like lists and strings so everything is to be developed manually not to mention the fact that C developers have to also take care of using pointers, heaps, memory allocations, and other low-level programming stuff. Unlike Java which is a high-level programming language that is rich with libraries that we can directly use in the program. Through Java, input through the console, reading of the file, and parsing of data are more convenient. Java comes with these ready-made objects that we can use right away in the program without worrying about low-level implementations like pointers, heaps, and so on. However, if we use a different programming language like "Python" for procedural programming then the story would've turned out to be different.