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Best Programming Homework Helper in Leeds

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Programming homework helper in Leeds


I am a Leeds based programmer. Over the last 14 years, I have worked with students from top universities in the world, providing quality programming homework help and ensuring that they score top grades. During this period, I have completed more than 3100 orders in Python. I know how programming can be challenging, and that is the reason I decided to dedicate my time to helping students. If you are looking for the best programming homework helper in Leeds, contact me today for quality and timely delivery.

Best Python Programming Wizard

Do you experience difficulties with understanding various Python programming coursework concepts but still want to gain a pass in all your tests? It's time you paid for Python coursework assistance online. If you're contemplating getting help with your homework in this dreaded programming language, you got to contact an experienced Python programming wizard like me. I enjoy solving the most challenging questions on the subject matter to come up with reliable solutions. My Python knowledge exhausts the whole syllabus in which I have experience going through repeatedly as a tutor. Here are some of the main topics that I usually cover in my interaction with students who need help online;
• Git and GitHub
• Functions
• Modules and Import
• Dictionaries, sets, and mutability
• Object-oriented Programming

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When it comes to Java programming, you can't get a better Java homework help expert like me. I have tremendous experience with the programming language's academic work, thereby boasting command over the most challenging programming questions. Despite finding infallible solutions to your questions, I'll make the solutions easy to understand so that you also learn how to solve the underlying questions by yourself. My service comes at modest rates and I guarantee success. Here are the main Java topics that I understand fully;
 Drivers
 Statement Objects
 Result Sets
2) Hibernate
 The Eclipse IDE
 Application Development
3) Web Service
 Types
 RESTful
4) Web Application Security
 Security misconfiguration
 Injection
 Salt hashing

Ardent C# Programmer

C# is a dreaded Programming language despite its wide range of uses and importance in the current world. However, there's no need to fret if you're a student as there is help online. I offer academic support to help C# programming students eager to ace their tests achieve their dreams. In doing so, I render help with difficult tests and provide online classes, too. I've served myriads of students, and most (if not all) of them are happy with my impact on their academic performance. I've solved homework and completed questions on various topics like visual C# syntax, application monitoring, exception handling, types and constructs, method creation, and so on.

Objective-C Programming Specialist

Another programming language that I enjoy working with is Objective-C, which I've used to write various software mainly for iOS. I also have tutoring experience with the language, which makes me have sufficient academic muscles to handle various types of homework no matter the topic from which they're drawn. My service comes with guaranteed grades, a low-cost guarantee, and more perks that help you succeed in your Objective-C programming coursework. Therefore, don't look anywhere else for the best Objective-C programming specialist to rely on for guaranteed academic success. Utilize my expertise to get help with;
 Memories and Pointers
 Memory Management
 Using the MVC
 Views and drawing

Online SQL Programming Homework Solver

Are you seeking success in your SQL programming coursework without sufficient time to spare for the homework and classes? I can help. Whether you want me to explain a concept or solve a difficult question, I'm ready to serve you with any academic support. Therefore, don't suffer in silence but pay me for SQL homework help. I'm most students' favorite SQL programming homework solver who always delivers the best grades in time. Here are some of the subject matter's areas that I enjoy working with;
 Scalar functions
 Querying multiple tables
 Nested Queries
 Aggregate functions
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Converting Temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit in LC-3 Assembly Code  

For this lab, we will write the LC-3 assembly code to convert temperatures given in Celsius to Fahrenheit. We need to give relevant messages to the user to guide him in using the program, for this, we make use of the TRAP x22, which displays a string on the console. Also, we require reading input from the user one character at a time, we make this by using the TRAP x23, which reads on the character from the keyboard and saves it in R0. The characters given by the user are represented in ASCII, so we must convert them to numbers before we can use them, since we know that the character for zero ‘0’ in ASCII has a value of 48, we only need to subtract this value to the read character to get the actual value. On the other hand, if we wish to display a number between 0 and 9, we need to add the 48 before we can use the TRAP x21 to display it in the console. We have a main loop that prompts the user for a selection and reads a character, then we compare the read number with 1, 2, or 3 to see which option was selected, we use simple subtraction to make the comparison, if the subtraction is zero, then that was the option selected and we branch to the part that handles the option. We have three parts to handle the input from the user; the first one is called Conv, which is executed when the user selection is 1. In this option, we prompt the user again to input another number, which will be the value to convert to Fahrenheit.  In our approach, we decided to use a table to get the conversions from Celsius to Fahrenheit. The table that provides the conversion from the values 0 to 9 to the corresponding Fahrenheit temperatures is the following:


   Thus, the number given by the user is used as an offset on the table and we simply load the value from the given offset to get the conversion. The second part is called NoConv, which is executed when the user selects option 2. In this option, we also prompt the user to input a number but this time we don't make a conversion but simply print the input number on the console. In both the Conv and NoConv options, the converted number or the number given by the user, respectively, is saved at x3100. The last part is the EXIT, which is executed when the user selection is 3. In this case, we simply print a message and halt the program. The resulting program is included below: .ORIG x3000   ;set origin of program to x3000 LOOP   LEA R0, prompt; prompt for the user to select a number TRAP x22; trap to output the string TRAP x23; read a character LD R1,nascii0; load negative of ASCII 0 to convert the read character ADD R0, R0, R1; convert character to a number IF1    ADD R1, R0,#-1; see if the user entered a 1 BRz Conv; if it was 1, convert IF2    ADD R1, R0,#-2; see if the user entered a 2 BRz NoConv; if it was 2, do not convert IF3    ADD R1, R0,#-3; see if the user entered a 3 BRz EXIT; if it was a 3, exit Conv   LEA R0, ask temp; prompt for the user to give a temperature TRAP x22; trap to output the string TRAP x23; read a character LD R1,nascii0; load negative of ASCII 0 to convert the read character ADD R0, R0, R1; convert character to a number LEA R1, table; point to the conversion table with R1 ADD R1, R1, R0; add the required temperature as offset LDR R0,R1,#0  ; load value from the table STI R0, address; save the number in x3100 BR  LOOP Nov    LEA R0,asktemp; prompt for the user to give a temperature TRAP x22; trap to output the string TRAP x23; read a character LD R1,nascii0; load negative of ASCII 0 to convert the read character ADD R0, R0, R1; convert character to a number STI R0, address; save the number in x3100 LD  R1,ascii0; load ASCII 0 to convert the number for display ADD R0,R0,R1  ; convert to ascii TRAP x21; put the character on the console LD  R0, NL    TRAP x21; put the character on the console BR  LOOP EXIT   LEA R0,exitmsg       ; print exit message TRAP x22; trap to output the string HALT          ; halt the program prompt  .STRINGZ     "Enter 1 for converting to the Fahrenheit, 2 for no conversion, 3 for exit: " asktemp       .STRINGZ      "Enter the temperature in Celsius: " exitmsg       .STRINGZ      "Have a nice day" nl     .FILL  10     ; new line character nascii0       .FILL  -48    ; negative of ascii '0' ascii0 .FILL  48     ; ascii '0' address       .FILL  x3100  ; address to save conversions table  .FILL  32     ; conversion table .FILL 33 .FILL  35 .FILL  37 .FILL  39 .FILL  41 .FILL  42 .FILL  44 .FILL  46 .FILL  48 .END   A test using the input given in the homework specification results in the following output: