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Programming exercises in PEP/9 computer assembly assignment help

The assignment deals with solving three different programming problems using PEP/9 assembly. The first problem consists of printing a message on the console using direct addressing. The second problem demonstrates how to read and print pairs of integers. The last program deals with calculating a sum using a number provided by the user and printing the result on the console. Our assembly language assignment help doers have completed all these exercises below to show the quality of our work.
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  • PEP/9 Assembly Code for Printing Message using Direct Addressing

PEP/9 Assembly Code for Printing Message using Direct Addressing

Programming exercises in PEP9 computer assembly assignment help

LDBA 0x19,d STBA charOut,d LDBA 0x1A,d STBA charOut,d LDBA 0x1B,d STBA charOut,d LDBA 0x1C,d STBA charOut,d STOP .ASCII "CISC" .END BR start num1: .BLOCK 2 num2: .BLOCK 2 start: DECI num1,d ; scanf("%d %d", &num1, DECI num2,d ; &num2); DECO num1,d ; printf("%d\n%d\n", num1, LDBA '\n',i STBA charOut,d DECO num2,d ; num2); LDBA '\n',i STBA charOut,d STOP .END BR start amount: .WORD 20000 num: .BLOCK 2 sum: .BLOCK 2 msg: .ASCII "sum = \x00" start: DECI num,d ; scanf("%d", &num) LDWA num,d ; A = num ADDA amount,d ; A = num + amount STWA sum,d ; sum = num + amount STRO msg,d ; printf("sum = %d\n", sum); DECO sum,d LDBA '\n',i STBA charOut,d .END