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Programming Language Expert

Queensland, Australia

Jack L

Bachelor’s Degree in Programming, Griffith University, Queensland


Professional Programming Homework Helper in Australia


I have been working as a programming homework helper here in Australia for close to 8 years now. Assisting students with their homework is my greatest passion and helping them succeed in programming is one of the reasons why I pursued academic writing. I have a strong background in Java, Python, C, C ++, and C + and can confidently tackle projects and homework derived from any of these programming languages. I also have experience in SQL and Oracle and would be thrilled to help any student who needs professional assistance with tasks in this area. I strictly follow the requirements issued by my clients to deliver accurate solutions that meet and sometimes exceed their expectations, all the while maintaining a high level of professionalism. If you are looking for a competent programming homework helper in Australia, contact me.

Professional Ruby Programming Homework Solver

Ruby is a high-level programming language used for several functions that include web development, prototyping, and data analysis among others. While it's marketable after studies, some parts of the programming language's syllabus may prove a hard nut to crack. Luckily, there's no need to fret as you can always reach me online for support. I'm a professional Ruby programming homework solver with sufficient experience and knowledge to handle simple and advanced academic tests on the programming language. I understand the whole range of study areas under the subject matter, including but not limited to the following.
1. Data and operations
• Variables
• Constants
• Operator precedence
2. Arrays and hashes
• Indexing and initializing arrays
• Hashes
• Blocks and Iterators
3. Conditional statements
• If Else
• For In
• Redo
4. SQL and MySQL databases
• Creating tables in MySQL
• MySQL data types
5. Methods
• Methods and blocks
• Method parameters
• Exception handling

JavaScript Programming Expert

With me as your favorite JavaScript programming expert, you can be sure to bid farewell to low grades forever. The better news is that you don't have to part with a lot of cash for my errorless solutions and useful online classes. I understand everything that pertains to the programming language, including arrays, functions, DOM events, objects, and Test-Driven development, among other areas of study. I've helped hundreds of JavaScript programming students get their best marks on the subject. Likewise, I enjoy teaching. So, I can also prepare students for their exams by teaching them online.

Accurate C++ Programmer

Several students think that C++ is a "difficult" programming language. Well, that's the general public's notion but I beg to differ. As a student, you can look for help with your perplexing concepts online. And if you're doing so, try me out and you'll never regret your choice. I'm an accurate C++ programmer with several years of experience in solving complex problems, including students' homework and theses. I've served many students with nothing but good grades and detailed solutions that help them learn. You can rely on me for assistance with such C++ programming topics as;
 The ANSI C++ Library
 Polymorphism and Inheritance
 Input/Output in C++
 Runtime type information

HTML Homework Helper

The Hyper-Text Markup Language (HTML) is a programming language used to create web pages and applications. The language is a sure part of the syllabus for ambitious web designers. However, the coursework isn't a cakewalk, and students have opted to look for an HTML homework helper who can lead them to good grades online. If you're one of the students, you don't need to look further as you can bank on me. I'm an experienced HTML homework helper without a failure in my track record of helping students do their HTML homework. I help students with topics like the following;
• HTML formatting
• Using the Div Span
• Images
• Iframe
• Headers
• Table

Avid Rust Programming Homework Help Professional

I specialize in helping students get rust homework help with all the concepts that they think are incomprehensible no matter their level of study. My education and experience as a tutor have equipped me with sufficient knowledge and expertise to deal with questions from all parts of this subject matter's syllabus. Therefore, my students never score low marks with my ever-accurate solutions. I craft detailed solutions to ensure that my students also learn from them. Therefore, you have all reasons to trust me with your Rust programming homework from any topic of the syllabus, including creating a project, constructing reasonable types, using the module system, and writing Rust packages, among other topics.
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Concurrency in Java

Class Diagram

Class Diagram


What measures have been taken to protect against race conditions? The critical section of the code is the modules. Each module is protected with a binary semaphore (technically a semaphore that has only 1 permit). Whoever student threads get a hold of the semaphore has the right to modify the module (enroll/un-enroll), while other student threads will have to wait for the semaphore to get freed before they can do their operations on the module as well. What measures have been taken to avoid deadlock? To avoid a dead-lock, we do not allow the student to wait for a semaphore to become available. Semaphores are released right away. If the student for example attempts to enroll in a module that is already full, then the student will not hold the semaphore it is currently holding until some other student removes itself from the module. The student will simply release the semaphore then try again to re-enroll at some other time.