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I have been working as a programming homework helper here in Australia for close to 8 years now. Assisting students with their assignments is my greatest passion and helping them succeed in programming is one of the reasons why I pursued academic writing. I have a strong background in Java, Python, C, C ++, and C + and can confidently tackle projects and assignments derived from any of these programming languages. I also have experience in SQL and Oracle and would be thrilled to help any student who needs professional assistance with tasks in this area. I strictly follow the requirements issued by my clients to deliver accurate solutions that meet and sometimes exceed their expectations, all the while maintaining a high level of professionalism. If you are looking for a competent programming homework helper in Australia, contact me.

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Concurrency in Java

Class Diagram

Class Diagram


What measures have been taken to protect against race conditions? The critical section of the code is the modules. Each module is protected with a binary semaphore (technically a semaphore that has only 1 permit). Whoever student threads get a hold of the semaphore has the right to modify the module (enroll/un-enroll), while other student threads will have to wait for the semaphore to get freed before they can do their operations on the module as well. What measures have been taken to avoid deadlock? To avoid a dead-lock, we do not allow the student to wait for a semaphore to become available. Semaphores are released right away. If the student for example attempts to enroll in a module that is already full, then the student will not hold the semaphore it is currently holding until some other student removes itself from the module. The student will simply release the semaphore then try again to re-enroll at some other time.