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Joseph G 

Ph.D. Programming, Schiller International University, USA
Professional Robotics Homework Helper and Online Tutor
I have always loved seeing others succeed in life, and that’s why I pursued a career as an academic writer. For many years, I have been helping students with their programming homework especially those issued from the topic of robotics. As such, I have dealt with homework, homework, and projects revolving around image processing, motion planning, actuation and motors, deep learning, computer vision, object detection in both 2D and 3D, and more. I have provided robotics homework help for close to ten years now, which has equipped me with enough skills to take up even the most complex tasks in this area. I also offer online tutoring services to scholars who need extra learning on robotics and related topics. Let me know how I can help you and I will render the best assistance possible.

Dedicated Spatial Descriptions Tutor

If you need homework/project/classwork help in Spatial Descriptions, contact me for unfailing results. I'm a dedicated Robotics Spatial Descriptions Tutor whose skills cut across the whole range of this topic's concepts. That is, I can deal with Coordinate Frames, Compound Transformation, Raw-Pitch-Yaw, and Inverse Rotation Matrix to name a few. Throughout my several years of experience, I've tackled various types of projects and homework on Spatial Descriptions. Likewise, I've taught uncountable students online (and offline), and most of them have always come back to give a word of gratitude. Of you want to be among them, please hit the "hire me" icon today and get your best results of the year.

Intelligent Robotics Kinematics Pro

Robotics Kinematics studies the relationship between its joint coordinates and spatial layout. It's a broad, inevitable topic that a Robotics student needs to understand to pass his/her exams. If you can't understand your lecturer despite attending all his/her Robotics Kinematics classes, or you do not have sufficient time to spare for your homework, you need help from a Robotics Kinematics Pro. And, I'm right here to help. You're safe trusting in my ability in solving your thesis or homework to perfection, in time, and without charging you an arm and a leg.

Creative Position and Force Control Specialist

A record number of students are looking high and low for a trustworthy Force and Position Control specialist who can handle their exams, tests, theses, and homework in the challenging topic. If you're here because you're one of the students, kindly note that I'm here because I'm one of the experts. I understand the topic deeply, with more insight into Control Law Partitioning, Model-Based Control, Non-Linear Systems, and Manipulator Control, and so forth. I also boast excellent tutoring skills which I can utilize to ensure that you get to the bottom of all sections that aren't clear to you. Ask for online classes and I'll render you some at affordable prices.

Professional Image Processing and Analysis Expert

Image Processing and Analysis is yet another very significant Robotics. Understanding it calls for time, commitment, and assistance. I've been working as an Image Processing and Analysis Expert in Robotics for not less than a decade. I'm dedicated to seeking students by offering Homework and project assistance, not to mention online classes to help them expand their knowledge and understanding of the topic. Here are the topics I mostly deal with, though this isn't a complete list;
• Filters and Noise Reduction
• Convolution Mask
• Binary Images
• Segmentation
• Image Analysis
• Stereo Imaging

First-Class Plume Tracing Maven

Most students find Robot plume tracing an uphill task, especially when questions about it appear in their exams. The good news is that I'm a dedicated robotics Plume Tracing Maven who has solved myriads of homework in the topic over the years. I have a comprehensive understanding of Plume Propagation, Plume Tracking Algorithms, Obstacle Detection, Obstacle Avoidance, and many other topics of the concept. Confide in me with your homework or thesis, and you'll be the happiest student when the results are out.
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