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Stocks Processing using Python Assignment Solution

Process Stocks in Files

To complete the python assignment, for each question output your answers in the format:

1. xxx

2. yyy

3. ...

where xxx and yyy (and so on) are the answers to each question.

# Q1 Stocks of how many companies are given in this data?

# Q2 How many of these companies start with the letter “A”?

# Q3 How many entries in the table correspond to companies starting with the letter “A”?

# Q4 What is the mean opening value for stocks of companies starting with the letter “A”? Round to two decimal digits

# Q5 What is the minimum opening value for stock with the name “AAL”? On which date did this value occur (return the date as given in the table)?

# Q6 What is the total volume of stocks traded of company “YUM”?

# Q7 What is the minimum volume of stocks of “FB” traded and on which day did this occur?

# Q8 Which company’s stock had the highest traded volume on a single day?


import pandas as pd

stocks = pd.read_csv('all_stocks_5yr.csv')


print('1.', len(pd.unique(stocks.Name))) # Preprocessing A_stocks = stocks[stocks.Name.str.startswith('A')]


print('2.', len(pd.unique(A_stocks.Name)))


print('3.', len(A_stocks))


print('4.', round(A_stocks['open'].mean(),2))


aal_stocks = stocks[stocks.Name == 'AAL'] print('5.', aal_stocks[aal_stocks.open == aal_stocks.open.min()].date.values[0])


yum_stocks = stocks[stocks.Name == 'YUM'] print('6.', yum_stocks.volume.sum())


fb_stocks = stocks[stocks.Name == 'FB'] print('7.', fb_stocks[fb_stocks.volume == fb_stocks.volume.min()].date.values[0])


print('8.', stocks[stocks.volume == stocks.volume.max()].Name.values[0])