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Student Letter Grade Assignment Solution using Python

In this programming challenge, you will write a python assignment program to calculate and save/display student letter grades. Create a dictionary where the key is the name of a student and the value is a list of the student's grades. Drop the lowest grade from each student's grades. Display to the console AND write to a file a list of the student names and their corresponding letter grades: The letter grade should be calculated from the average of the student's grades (excluding the grade that was dropped):

Average 90-100: A

Average 80-89.99:B

Average 70-79.99: C

Average 60-69.99: D

Average below 60: F

Your program should work for data files with a varying number of students and varying numbers of grades per student. Example





def calc_grade(marks): if marks >= 90: return 'A' elif marks >= 80: return 'B' elif marks >= 70: return 'C' elif marks >= 60: return 'D' return 'E' student = {} # Reading the data from text file with open('data.txt') as txt_file: data = txt_file.readlines() # Putting the data into dictionary for line in data: stud = line.split(' ') student[stud[0]] = [int(marks) for marks in stud[1:]] # Removing least grade of each student for stud in student: marks = student[stud] min_marks = min(marks) min_ind = student[stud].index(min_marks) del student[stud][min_ind] # Calculating Letter Grade of each student grades = {} for stud in student: total_marks = sum(student[stud]) / len(student[stud]) grade = calc_grade(total_marks) grades[stud] = grade # Printing calculated letter grades to the console for stud in grades: print(stud + '\t\t' + grades[stud]) # Writing the result out to a file with open('output.txt', mode='w') as txt_file: for stud in grades: txt_file.write(stud + '\t\t' + grades[stud] + '\n')