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Samuel K

Ph.D. in Programming, University of Virginia, USA
Expert Tableau Homework Helper
My name is Samuel, a programming expert and one of the top-rated Tableau homework helpers at ProgrammingHomeworkHelp.com. I started providing help with programming homework in 2010 as a freelancer but in 2013, I joined this company where I have been focusing on Tableau papers. I provide assistance for both undergraduate and graduate programs, enabling students to score better grades in Tableau, finish their homework before the given time, and have time to do other coursework tasks. Among the topics that I have covered over the years include the order of operations, data structuring, data aggregation, data field types and forms, and more. I also have vast experience in other statistical software like R, Matlab, Stata, and SAS, and a couple of programming languages such as Java, C++, Python, Ruby, and Pascal. Feel free to contact me if you need professional help with homework in any of these areas.

Passionate Tableau Calculations Professional

You've probably met several Tableau Calculations that give you sleepless nights. I can help you not only understand but also excel in all the topic's exams and tests. I'm a Tableau Calculations Professional who knows how to deal with SUM, AVR, New Data Calculations, Custom Calculations, and other concepts of the topic. Besides my exhaustive knowledge, I also present tutoring experience to the table. Together, I can utilize these skills to help you excel. I offer online classes and homework writing services to Tableau students who like to get help with their Calculations problems. Welcome.

Ardent Data Maps Expert

Data Maps is yet another significant and long topic in the Tableau programming syllabus. As an ardent Data Maps Expert, my passion and duty are to work with Tableau students who need academic help with their Data Maps problems. You don't have to worry about my coverage, as I understand everything about Data Maps be it simple or complex. Some of the topics I've worked with and understand are;
• Mapping Data Requirements
• Geographical Data Formatting
• Map Layer and Option Customization
• Mapbox
• Polygon Data Usage
You have all reasons to trust my ability to help you graduate with A+ grades. Firstly, my rating as a successful tutor is unmatched. Likewise, I have no trace of failure. Switch to my services today and get served at modest prices than you've ever seen.

Seasoned Visualization Maps Specialist

Very many students need someone who can help them create Visualization Maps for their homework, exams, and learning. I'm a coveted Visualization Maps Specialist who you can trust for good grades and easy-to-follow classes online. I've served Tableau students from Europe, the USA, Australia, Africa, and Asia, among other regions of the world with peerless Visualization Maps academic assistance. I can Create Spider Maps, Choropleth Maps, Density Maps, Track Data using Maps, and Publish Map Visualizations using Tableau. So, in which study area do you need assistance? Tell me and get the best grades of your life from me without breaking the bank.

Best Tableau Custom Charts Genius

Are you worried about where you can get the best Tableau Custom Charts Genius who can always be available to solve your questions about the topic? The answer is right before your face. I'm one of the top-ranking Tableau Custom Charts tutors with sufficient know-how not the topic's wide range of concepts. I understand how to work with Dual Axis Charts and Maps, the Alluvial Diagram, Cyclical Data, and Sheet Swapping. While this is not the entire range of topics in which I'm proficient in handling, students mostly ask for help in them. Meanwhile, my knowledge cuts across the entire range of topics.

Accomplished Distribution and Publishing Wizard

Sometimes you may be tested on distribution and publishing Tableau visualizations. But with insufficient preparation or a shallow understanding of the topic, you can easily fail. However, you have me, an accomplished Tableau Distribution and Publishing Wizard for help. I dish out assistance with Tableau File Types, Online Publishing, Visualization Sharing, Printing, and Exporting. I fully understand these and other concepts of the topic in simple and advanced levels. Therefore, I can handle all homework no matter its nature. Welcome.
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