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Jack U

Ph.D. in Programming, Middlesex University, UK
Online Tableau Tutoring Professional
Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my profile. Whether you are looking for someone to expound more on a Tableau concept you learned in class or a professional writer to take care of an intricate paper, you are at the right place. I began offering academic help in 2010 and so far, I have transformed the grades and lives of thousands of college and university students. While my main forte is online Tableau tutoring, I have also tackled hundreds of homework writing tasks, enabling students to submit outstanding solutions even for the most complex Tableau topics. It hasn’t been an easy journey but thanks to my expertise in Tableau and my passion for seeing students succeed and become prominent data scientists, I have managed to give reliable deliverables every time a student contacts me for assistance. I love what I do and would be thrilled if you let me hold your hand toward academic success. Just click on the “hire” button next to my profile.

Adept View Creation and Analysis Tutor

There's a lot to learn when it comes to View Creation and Analysis using Tableau. If you're a student who needs help with this complex topic, there's somewhere to run to. I render various types of academic help as an experienced View Creation and Analysis Tutor who has worked with Tableau for not less than eight years. Throughout my experience, I've completed various projects, set and marked exams, and taught students several concepts of this topic. For example, my knowledge in Page Trails, Highlighting, Heat Maps, Size and Transparency, Pie Charts, Bar Charts, Aliases, and other concepts is inimitable. Therefore, you can trust me with homework from any Tableau topic.

Seasoned Calculated Field and Formatting Mentor

In Calculated Field and Formatting, students try to understand Date Math, Custom Aggregations, Labels and Annotations, and Basic Arithmetic, among other Tableau concepts. However, you may fail to have time for studies and homework— or miss a concept taught in class. This is where I come in. I'm a seasoned Calculated Field and Formatting Mentor in Tableau. My online academic assistance offers comeback classes, homework writing, and paper revision services. You can bring your most difficult tests, and be sure that I'll get to the bottom of each question that helps you attract the best grades to your transcripts.

Skillful Dashboard Development Master

With 8+ years as a Tableau tutor, you can expect nothing but top-ranking results from my assistance with your academic work. I also render cost-effective online classes which aim at fostering your understanding of the topic and its related concepts. You have my word for unfailing results whenever you take Tableau Dashboard Development homework/project assistance from me. I can handle matters by Combining Multiple Visualizations, Using Actions and Filters, and Visualization Best Practices. It's a fortune that you don't have to break the bank for Dashboard Development assistance from me. Therefore, switch to my academic aid now and immediately give a facelift to your GPA.

Professional Data Organization Wizard

If you need help with Organizing and Slicing your Tableau Data by date, I'm here to offer it. I can Create and Use Hierarchies, define a Fiscal Year, Create Custom Dates, and Use Discrete Date Parts, et cetera. Therefore, I'm the right shot for your advanced-level homework or time-sensitive homework that's giving you a sleepless night. If you want reasons to trust me for this, you can take your time and go through my profile reviews from students I've served over the years. They gave me the name, Data Organization Wizard, to explain my all-time no-fail results. You can join them, too, because you're always welcome to work with me at any time.

Accomplished Data Customizations Expert

Tableau provides uncountable ways to customize your data, and I can deal with them all, thanks to my decade-long experience. I can use Parameters for Dynamic Values, Use Logic Statements, complete projects involving Type Conversions and Aggregations, and so on. So, whether you need me to Create Calculated Fields or explain any concept to you, I'm always ready when you are. Use my academic help in Data Customizations if you want to be sure that you'll score good grades. I'm one of the best Data Customizations Experts online right now.
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