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Since a philanthropist by the name Henry Fischel came up with the idea of an exam. It has become a general practice in all the institutions for students to take an exam.  Today, exams are taken seriously to the extent that the exams’ results can positively and negatively influence the student’s life.  Depending on the performance of a student, exams can positively or negatively influence his/her job opportunities. This explains why students must take exams seriously and should prepare diligently for the same.

Although exams provide a good opportunity for a student to showcase his/her talent, but somehow, students really do not like exams. We all agree that as students we loathe taking up exams. It comes with unnecessary tensions. Let’s not forget the pressure we face while preparing for the exam and to succeed in it. In some instances, you will hear students cursing Henry Fischer because of such issues.

Evolution of online exams

The world is a dynamic place. This is a fact that nothing is static.  In support of the above statement, I would suggest a simple yet vital example. Take a walk around your vicinity one fine evening and flashback ten years ago on how your neighborhood looked like.  Some changes would be easy to identify. For example, there might be newly built houses in places that were once a barren land.

In the same manner, there has been a lot of transformations in the education sector. Majorly, these changes have been prominent in the past decade. First, it started with online learning. But now, there is a trend wherein students are accessed online. I mean, they take their exams online. The recent pandemic covid-19, which is affecting the whole world, has played a major role in accelerating online learning and online exams. Probably, it’s because most people are at home and have to somehow continue with their learning. It may be because of their motive driven by creativity that has prompted them to take online courses.

What are online exams?

Let’s get things clear here. Probably by its name, you know what an online exam is, but there are things that we think you should be aware of. An online exam is an exam that is done remotely. It substitutes the traditional exams where exams had to be taken in a classroom. Students do not need to be present in the same class to complete the exam or have to wear some special attires. They can take it wherever they are.

Online exams should be taken seriously as they have a certain threshold (Which is generally higher than offline exams) that the student should transcend to get a certificate. There are a lot of similarities that we can draw between online and traditional exams. Similar to the case of traditional exams the student must be thoroughly prepared for the online exam too. Otherwise, the student can still fail the exam, much like the traditional exams. Also, there is a time frame for completing these exams. Sometimes these timelines can be stringent when it comes to online exams. As there could be a time frame for each question.

Risks of online exams

There is a lot of comfort for the exam conducting authorities when it comes to the online exam.   This is partly because much of the responsibility is left to the student. It’s the students’ responsibility to ensure that they answer the questions on time and be there when needed to answer the questions. Again, since online exams are a subset of online learning, it implies that students have to study the course materials remotely. Therefore, there is a chance that there are some students who didn’t attend the online classes or study the study materials provided. Who is following them? They can do everything perfunctorily.

Another issue that has been raised by online exam critics is the fact that the whole process is administered over the internet through a computer.  These are man made devices that are prone to a technical glitch. Imagine the inconvenience caused to the student by the technical glitch. In the worst-case scenario, students could fail the exam if the technical problem occurred when the student had started the exam. We advise students to be always prepared and have the necessary back up to prevent any kind of failures that might occur.

Can you do my programming exam?

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How to be successful in your online exam

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