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Design a Python program that simulates weather using Monte Carlo assignment help

Design a program that will simulate days of rain using pseudo-random numbers. The program designed by our Python homework help doers will generate a random number each day and based on that will categorize the type of rain. The types of rain are: 1. Heavy rain (5% chance) – rainfall of 3 inches 2. Light rain (10% chance) – rainfall of 1 inch 3. No rain (85% chance) The simulation should continue indefinitely until one of the 3 conditions occurs: • Total cumulative rainfall since the beginning of the simulation is at least 8 inches. • 2 consecutive days of rain. • 14 consecutive days of no rain.
Table Of Contents
  • Monte Carlo Simulation for a Weather Application

Monte Carlo Simulation for a Weather Application

importrandom # In order to execute a set of N simulations (as soon as the user wants to run a simulation), # ... we will use a while-loop run_simulator =True while run_simulator: # Now, we will simulate days and days until a condition is met, so another while-loop is required print("Welcome to the weather simulator!") stop_days =False day =1 inches =0 no_rain_days =0 rain_days =0 consecutive_rain =0 consecutive_norain =0 whilenot stop_days: # Now, check the percentages N =random.randint(1,100) # If 1 <= N <= 5, 5% if N <=5: # Heavy rain inches +=3 rain_days +=1 consecutive_rain +=1 consecutive_norain =0 print("Heavy rain! 3 inches fell.") elif N <=10: inches +=1 rain_days +=1 consecutive_rain +=1 consecutive_norain =0 print("Light rain. 1 inch fell.") else: print("No rain today...") no_rain_days +=1 consecutive_rain =0 consecutive_norain +=1 # Now check for stopping conditions if inches >=8: # Total cumulative rainfall print("Total rainfall reached at least 8 inches, so the soil moist enough to plant!") stop_days =True if consecutive_rain ==2: print("2 consecutive days of rain... it is now safe to plant crops.") stop_days =True if consecutive_norain ==14: print("14 consecutive days of no rain... It looks like a drought...") stop_days =True # Ask user for a valid option between yes no invalid_option =True while invalid_option: option =input("Would you like to run the simulation again (yes/no)? ") option =option.lower() if option in ['yes','no']: invalid_option =False if option =='no': run_simulator =False else: print("Invalid option. Please enter (yes/no).")