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Tucson, USA

Dave J 

PhD. in Programming, University of Chicago, USA
Online web development expert
Hello there! My name is Dave Jefferson, a professional programmer, with years of experience in web development. I have worked in the assignment writing industry for over a decade, providing academic support to students who have trouble mastering the basics of web development and related topics, and completing tasks derived from this area. Among the topics with which students have come to me for assistance include those from concepts such as development tools, content transition and animation, document object modeling, and networking, to name a few. I am proficient in various web development languages and tools such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SVG, and more. If you are looking for a web development assignment helper who respects deadlines and delivers to your expectations, look no further.

Talented HTML and CSS Mentor

Learning HTML and CSS is the most basic part of knowing how to develop a website. While HTML deals with web page formats, CSS deals with its styles. You need both to define and design a meaningful and interactive website. If you have any problem with this part of web development, feel free to contact me for fast and accurate assistance. I will do your assignment perfectly and within the required time. Likewise, I'll teach you online via videos and easy-to-follow notes to help you get sufficient knowledge for handling your exams and developing a beautiful and functional website. What's more, we can revise together on a video call. All these services won't strain your pocket.

Proficient Dynamic Website Development Tutor

while traditional websites just sit there and display information without engaging the user actively, a dynamic website is interactive. In Dynamic website development, the user trains how to add various types of functionalities to a website. This is done using JavaScript, and I'm an expert in the field. I'm a Dynamic Website Development Tutor who can do your assignments and teach you at the same time. What's better, I offer Dynamic Website Development service in all the underlying fields of study. I do DOM Manipulation, work with JavaScript libraries, offer Persistent Data Storage using Backend Servers, and teach about Document Object Models, among other things.

Competent Back-End Development Specialist

Back-End Development deals with business logic and storage. As a competent Back-End Development Specialist, I can deal with Rails Installations, Application Deployment, Model-View-Controller concepts, and all that pertains to Backend development. I have more than eight years developing websites and sharing my knowledge of the concepts with students from all parts of the world. As a freelancer, I've helped students solve their homework and theses in Web Development for over five years. That has helped me meet various types of questions in different levels of study, making me experienced in handling exams and assignments. I'm good at following instructions and meeting students' unique needs and wants.

Dedicated Full-Stack Deployments Expert

I'm also a Full-stack Deployments Expert experienced in doing both practical implementations and handling theory questions of the topic. I've helped students complete projects and assignments in Full-stack Deployments without a trace of failure. Students who have worked with me before have reported success throughout the years. If you still doubt my skills in this topic, you can ask me for samples. I have several samples of my past work, which can help you evaluate my ability in handling your assignment. Trust me for unfailing solutions at highly affordable prices.
My unique diversification in the number of programming languages that I can work with makes me a perfect web development tutor. Among the languages are JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, CSS, and Java, just to mention a handful. If you choose to work with me as your favorite web development homework helper, I'll ensure that you always excel and understand several concepts without a sweat. Meanwhile, thanks for reading, and welcome.
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