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Web Development Tutor

Adelaide, Australia

Jack C 

PhD. in Programming, Queensland University, Australia
Online web development tutoring expert
Do you find web development concepts difficult to grasp? Maybe it’s time you paid for online tutoring! The best part? You don’t have to leave this profile, as I have the skills and expertise needed to deliver accurate, timely, and well-thought-out tutoring sessions. I have been working as an online web development tutor since 2006 and my sessions have seen hundreds of scholars enhance their grades and overall understanding of the topics with which they seek my help. Before I became a tutor, I worked as a lecturer in a local university, where I administered both online and offline classes on web development. I am here to help you enhance your mastery of the concepts covered in this area so that you can perform better in your class and be able to blend effectively with other web developers after you have graduated from college. Just contact me and let me know which topic has been giving you sleepless nights.

Passionate Web Graphic Design Professional

The Web Graphic Design topic encompasses myriads of graphical skills that call for much study time and attention to the details from a learner. It's easy to get stick with a concept or homework on the topic but that's no longer a problem if I'm around. I'm a Web Graphic Design Professional with insight into Proximity Guidelines, Alignment Guideline, Typography, Graphic Attributes, Screen Captures, Graphs, and other related topics of the study. I enjoy solving the most challenging questions and completing difficult projects on this topic. You can rely on my experience and academic qualifications for maximum output without having to dig deeper into your pocket. I guarantee top-rated results with my assistance or your money back. Welcome.

Talented User Interface Design Tutor

I'm a dedicated UI design expert who has repeatedly taught the topic's concepts across various universities and colleges in the USA and the UK. My experience and passion for the design process have earned me several tributes and praises from companies and students alike. Due to my strong passion for sharing knowledge, I decided to work online and reach more students across the world. 99.9% of students whom I've served in various fields have always been successful. I'm proficient in Perception and Visualization, various UI Design Processes, Conceptual Models, Design Principles, The Gulf of Execution, and all the other areas involved.

Professional WordPress Expert

Reach me for unmatched assistance with WordPress Web Development homework, projects, and tests. I boast an understanding of WordPress fields of study like Domain and Hosting, Themes, Plugins, Site Content addition, and SEO Optimization among others. I also have experience teaching students the same topics through online classes. Therefore, I can prepare you adequately for your next exams and or project, too. Also, ask me for past paper revision and I'll provide the service at affordable rates.

Top-Rated jQuery Wizard

jQuery is a JavaScript library that simplifies the way a user interacts with a web page. It's among the most essential Web Development syllabus topics that you should deeply understand to become a competent web developer. But since there's no guarantee that you'll understand it in class, I'm here to help those who need simpler explanations tailored to their way of learning. I'm a jQuery Wizard who enjoys dishing out my knowledge to students struggling with this field of study in their academic life. I understand how to use Plugins, update Styles, handle Events, manipulate the DOM, combine Selectors, and more.

Best Cascading Style Sheet Master

CSS is a programming language that describes how a document that has been organized by a Markup language (like HTML) appears on a web page. You need to wrap your head around this language's core concepts as part of the Web Development syllabus. But if you find it a bit hilly, you can pay a little amount to get it done by a Cascading Style Sheet Master like me. It doesn't matter the area in which you need assistance. I can offer help with Style Preference and Inheritance, Color Application, the Box Model, Contextual Selectors, Style Forms, and Animations. There are even more topics that I may not manage to list here. All in all, I have all-around knowledge of the subject.
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