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Create A Program to Calculate Food Density in The Python Assignment Solution.


Write a python assignment program to calculate food density.

Requirements and Specifications

Given a text file of data about fruit with three columns of data: mass (float), volume (float) and type (string, e.g., "apple" or “orange”). Read in the data and calculate the average density of the apples and oranges.
Source Code
def read_data(filename):
    f = open(filename, 'r')
    data = []
    lines = f.read().splitlines()[1:]
    for line in lines:
        parts = line.split(',')
        data.append([parts[0], float(parts[1]), float(parts[2])])
    return data
def main():
    total_volume = {'apple': 0.0, 'orange': 0.0}
    total_mass = {'apple': 0.0, 'orange': 0.0}
    for rec in read_data('fruit.csv'):
        if rec[0] in total_mass:
            total_mass[rec[0]] += rec[1]
            total_volume[rec[0]] += rec[2]
    print('Apple density:', (total_mass['apple']/total_volume['apple']))
    print('Orange density:', (total_mass['orange']/total_volume['orange']))
if __name__ == '__main__':