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SMTP is the standard protocol service on IP/TCP network giving the ability to send and receive emails. It can be described as an app layer that enables the internet to send and receive emails. SMTP is composed of four components which include Mail transfer agent, Mail delivery agent, Mail submission agent, and Mail user agent.


P2P are computer networks that use a distributed architecture. In P2P computers are connected to one network and are known as peers. All peers exchange and share workloads. In addition, all peers are equal meaning that there are no peers with special privileges and in this case, there is no primary admin in that network.


Addressing is the host of a network. These addresses are designed to be unique in every network even though they allow private or local addresses not to be unique. A network host can be allowed to have more than one network.

Physical layer modulation

Physical layer modulation plays a key role in the interaction between hardware and signaling mechanisms. The physical layer defines the hardware cabling, equipment, frequencies, wiring, and pulses. The physical layer converts the data-link layer to electrical pulses representing the binary data. This binary data is then sent over the wireless media.


Encoding is the conversion of data into a specific format for its secure transmission. The reverse of encoding is decoding. In data encoding, various patterns of current levels are used to represent different digital signals such as 1s and 0s. Encoding is divided into different types such as Analog data to analog signals, analog data to digital signals, digital data to analog signals, and then digital data to digital signals.

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There is no denying that network algorithm is one of the complicated topics that students struggle with. Network algorithms can be described as rules which govern the exchange of information in a reliable, secure, and easy way. It shows how different networks can be managed and what leads to network failure and slowness. Network algorithms explain everything about using a network to connect different computers or devices and having the ability to share information from both networks. Getting our affordable computer network homework help is the best way to boost your grades. Our professionals are well-versed in the various types of network algorithms. They have written myriads of technical documents in this field and implemented relevant facts in their writing. You should opt for our computer network security homework help if you want to submit accurate and plagiarism-free work.
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Congestion avoidance

Congestion occurs when network demand exceeds the capacity leading to loss of packets because of too much queuing in that particular network. Technicians put in place a congestion control scheme that helps the network to revive from the congestion. The congestion avoidance scheme enables a network to work in high output and low delay.


A routing algorithm is software that is responsible for deciding the path in which a network will be transmitted. Routing is implemented as a combination of dynamic and static factors. They are implemented in a distributed way allowing them to exchange information with each other.
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.As the name suggests, multimedia is the use of multiple media most for education or entertainment. Examples of these media may include slides, music, movies, etc. Multimedia networking is the process of building the media mentioned above on a distributed system or network. The purpose of doing this is to allow several users on different machines to share, audio, video, images, and other features.
Examples of multimedia networking products are:
1.    Video conferencing tools
•    BVCS
•    DECspin
•    MacMICA
2.    Audio conferencing tools
3.    Authoring tools
4.    Network server
5.    Database server
6.    Mail system
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Network simulation and performance analysis focus on discrete-event simulation. It is a concept that is extensively applied in the evaluation of computer and communication network systems. Some of the sub-topics covered in this topic are:
1.    Designing a model
•    Random numbers and variates
•    Simulation kernel
2.    Simulation packages for network simulation
3.    Input modeling
4.    Design of experiments
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DNS is the phonebook of the internet. Different web browsers interact through IP addresses and therefore the DNS translates the domain names to the IP addresses to enable browsers to load internet resources. The work of the DNS is to stop the need for humans to have to memorize IP addresses.
Link layer framing
Link layer framing is the connection between two computers in which data is transmitted. Framing provides a way in which one person can transmit bits that are meaningful to the person receiving them. The beauty of using framing is that it allows data to be broken into chunks that can be recovered and checked for manipulation.
Transport Protocols
The internet provides a way in which information can be transported from one computer to another. However, there are no guarantees that the information being delivered will reach the destination. It may be lost or even distorted. To ensure that this does not happen computers have transport protocols that carry the information around through the internet enabling checking, corrections or recovery, or ant available errors.
Software-defined network
SDN aims at making networks flexible. It enables enterprises to respond faster to changes and business requirements through network control. SDN enables the network to be switched to where it is required without touching individuals switched in the network.
Client-server describes how a server can provide services to clients. There are many types of servers such as mail servers, web servers, and more. Each server can provide resources to devices used by clients. The device includes computers, laptops, phones, and tablets. One server can serve many clients. A server can only accept or reject a connection. A connection is rejected when a client is unable to sign up or log in to the server they want to use.

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