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An operating system is a software that performs all the functions of a computer and its hardware. Operating system is a compulsory unit for all students taking computer science. Many students however find it very hard and therefore opt to look for operating system assignment help from experts. Programminghomeworkhelp.com has been providing operating system assignment writing service to students ensuring that they get better grades. Our tutors can find your OS problems and solutions, therefore, giving you an easy time in school. If you are struggling with your operating system lab assignment then hire us to complete it for you. Some of the topics we cover in operating systems include:

Process synchronization

Process synchronization is the method of coordinating processes that use shared data. It helps in maintaining the consistency and consistency of shared data. It enables the scheduling of processes to ensure that there is continued access to shared data and that there are no inconsistencies.

The xv6 file system

Storing and organizing information in a hard drive may look simple but a lot is involved. The xv6 file system directories and stores all its data in an IDE disk. This reduces the chances of data loss because it supports crash recovery. This means that when there is a crash the systems will still work after recovery or restart. The xv6 file system also enables different processes to operate on the same system concurrently.

Operating systems experts

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We have specialized operating systems tutors in the following areas:

Processes and threads

A process is the execution of a program. A good example is if you open two tabs on your computer when you are running two processes. Operating systems allow processes to be divided into different threads to enable proper execution. When a process is divided into threads it’s held in a control block. Threads, therefore, enable the execution of different parts of the program code. In threads, different codes can be executed at the same time.

Process management in xv6

This is the management of the commands that are used for programming in a specific topic. The process includes different sets of functions which include the environment variables, process identifier, and security context.

Process scheduling

Process scheduling includes the process manager which handles the removal of processes that are running from the CPU. It also selects another process. Scheduling is very important in multiprogramming since it allows one to either load a program or remove a running program. With process scheduling, a program can be removed without affecting other running programs.

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Memory management

Memory management handles primary memory and moves processes to and from the main memory depending on whether they are being used at that particular time or not. It also checks how much memory should be allocated to each program. It also checks when memory has been freed to update its status and wait to allocate it to another program.

File systems and I/O management

File systems and I/O management control how data is stored and also retrieved. Without the file system, data would not be arranged. In fact, it would be one large file in which one would not know where the second part of a file starts.

Operating system project help

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We cover topics such as:

Scheduling and synchronization in xv6

Scheduling and synchronization in xv6 allow two processes which include creating a thread on the CPU and then allowing the scheduler thread to pick specific processes for execution. It also allows the switching of processes depending on their importance.

Memory management in xv6

Memory management in xv6 enables the allotment of processes based on their importance. A process is assigned its fair share of the available memory. When a process is removed a space created, then the memory is updated automatically. A different process then takes up the use of that memory when added.