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Terms of use of Programming Homework Help.com

Programminghomworkhelp.com discloses its terms and conditions and makes them available to all customers on the website.

General information on the terms of use

Please read and understand the provided term and conditions carefully. Continuing to use our website and purchasing our services indicates that you agree with the terms of use provided on this page. By using our services, you also mean that you commit to the set procedures. Programminghomeworkhelp.com has the sole right to change, edit or update these terms of use without sending notifications to anyone. As a user of this page, you are required to regularly visit this section to familiarize yourself with any changes to the terms and conditions.

Limitation of Liability

We do not guarantee or warranty the timeliness, accuracy, completeness, sustainability, or performance of the information offered or found on this website. You should acknowledge that such information may contain errors or inaccuracies, and therefore, we will not be liable for such errors or inaccuracies to whatever extent of the law. As you agree by the terms of use of this website, you must hold programminghomeworkhelp.com free from all claims which may be connected to the alleged breach of the provided terms.
All the information provided on this website, including the text, images, and video are owned by programminghomeworkhelp.com and are protected by the law. You are not allowed to copy any information from this website without written permission from our company. If you are found to have copied our intellectual property, you will be dealt with in accordance with the law.

The use of this website

All our services are provided through this website. To receive a service from us you must first pay for the service you want to be rendered to you. As a customer, you are only required to use the services of this website for legal purposes only. You need to know that should we know that you are using our services for illegal purposes, then we are going to terminate the contract with you, and there will be no refund to that effect.
Every user of this website and its provided services must agree to use the provided services for lawful purposes. You are required to safeguard the website and not compromise its security and also not to cause damage to any content on the website. As a user or customer, you are not allowed to add content or alter any content provided on this website. In addition, you are not allowed to use this website for any other purpose other than getting the services offered and reading through our pages.

Confidential information

All the information you provide on this website for the pure provision of service is treated as confidential information. Any other information provided which is not related to the provision of services will not be treated as confidential information. If you want any information from you to display on our website, such as blogs, you must be granted permission by the website managers first. If the content is termed fit for use on the website, it can be considered for publishing.

Termination of service

Our contract and engagement will start immediately programminghomeworkhelp.com agreed to work with you by delivering the service you request. The agreement can, however, be terminated by either of the parties. Programming homework help can terminate the contract if it comes to their knowledge that you are using the services for illegal or unlawful purposes. In such a case, you will not receive any refund, and you will be blocked from using the website. In addition, if you decide to terminate the contract which the provision of the service has already begun, then you will also not be refunded any money.

Service provision duration

The time of service provision will be agreed upon between us (the service provider) and you. Times mentioned during the agreements will not change unless its circumstances beyond our control. We are, however, dedicated to ensuring that we deliver our services without any interruptions, and therefore in a case where the disruption is beyond our control, we expect you to understand.

Modification of information

During the provision of the service, you are not allowed to change the information you provided in the first place. You must know that we dedicate people to solve your problems and therefore when you change the information in the middle of service delivery, you will have inconvenienced the tutor handling your work. In such a case, you will be expected to pay for the new one afresh.

Fraudulent transactions

We use credit cards or other online methods of payment for our services. If you notice that someone has paid for a service using your credit card or any other means of payment, conduct us immediately. We will talk to our Fraud department to ensure that the matter is solved immediately and that you do not incur any losses. On the other hand, if we notice that you have used someone else's credit card or any other payment method, we will terminate your contract and charge you for all the losses and damages incurred. We are very transparent in our dealings, and we expect our customers to be straightforward as well.