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How to Create a Booking Price Function in SQL

In this guide, you'll learn how to create a booking price function in SQL. This function enables you to efficiently calculate the total cost of a booking by considering both the number of nights and a fixed nightly rate. By seamlessly integrating this powerful function into your website's backend, you can significantly enhance user experience, provide your customers with instant and precise pricing insights, and streamline the reservation process for maximum convenience.

Enhance User Experience with SQL Function

Implementing the booking price function not only provides transparency in reservation costs but also showcases your website's commitment to user convenience. By following our guide, you've gained a versatile tool to enhance user experience and simplify booking procedures. Whether it's hotel stays or event tickets, this SQL function is a valuable asset that can significantly help your SQL assignment and transform your website into a user-friendly platform for accurate pricing information.

Step 1: Understanding the Basics

Let's break down the core components of the SQL function we're about to create:

  • Function Name: We'll name our function as `booking_price`.
  • Input Parameters: Pass in the number of nights and the nightly rate as input parameters.
  • Return Type: The function will return a `DECIMAL` data type representing the total booking price.

Step 2: Writing the SQL Code

Take a look at the SQL code that brings our booking price function to life:

```sql CREATE FUNCTION booking_price(IN nights INT, IN nightly_rate DECIMAL(10, 2)) RETURNS DECIMAL(10, 2) BEGIN DECLARE total_price DECIMAL(10, 2); SET total_price = nights * nightly_rate; RETURN total_price; END; ```

Breaking down the code:

  • `CREATE FUNCTION:` Initiates the creation of the new function.
  • `booking_price(IN nights INT, IN nightly_rate DECIMAL(10, 2)):` Specifies the function name and input parameters.
  • `RETURNS DECIMAL(10, 2):` Indicates the return type of the function.
  • `BEGIN:` Marks the beginning of the function's body.
  • `DECLARE total_price DECIMAL(10, 2);:` Creates a local variable `total_price`.
  • `SET total_price = nights * nightly_rate;:` Calculates the total booking price.
  • `RETURN total_price;:` Returns the calculated price.
  • `END;:` Marks the end of the function.

Step 3: Implementation

Once added to your SQL database, you can utilize the function to calculate booking prices in your application. Here's an example:

```sql SELECT booking_price(5, 100); -- Calculates the booking price for 5 nights at a nightly rate of 100 ```

This will return the total booking price based on the provided input values.

Step 4: Integration with Your Website

Integrate the functionality seamlessly into your website using SQL queries to call the function and display calculated prices to your users. Enhance user experience with instant pricing information for reservations.


Incorporating the booking price function into your website empowers users with quick, transparent pricing details for their reservations. By following this guide, you've unlocked a valuable tool to elevate user experience and streamline the booking process. Through accurate calculations and seamless integration, your website now offers enhanced functionality that sets it apart, making every booking a hassle-free and informed experience. Explore the possibilities of this SQL function and witness the positive impact it brings to your users and your business.